Monday, September 19, 2011


..its quit long-long time im not update my my story...

~~~about college~~~

now im in semester 5..i have class 5 days a week!.the whole week i have class..from morning until evening..this semester i have to wear my uniform..chef uniform...the jackets, shoes..all must be in proper..well what can i said is  im proud of it! lectures?..hurm..yeah quite sporting..i take 5 sub in this sem..garde manger,western cookery,beverage operation,meat and essential business communication skills..

my result?...hehehe..nice+great!

~~`about housemate~~~
well its raya month..after two weeks we all have a long its time for study lah pulak..ahahahaa...miss gila ngn housemate..serius!..Hehehe.

?how about my relationship with my lover???

hurm...its about 2 weeks or maybe more..we have not seen each other..we always texting and calling..what can i say during this period is..i really miss him hell..even i don't know how hell is..heehehe..and i learnt something from here..i learnt about how to control it?!..

and finally we met..we went for a dinner at Medan with his housemate..ouch!..and have a little bit annoying part!..makes me lost my mood and not in  a good mood!..his housemate make a fun at 1st time im just doing funning conversation with my lover..then his housemate create them part and enter our world!..and thats start the part..they lost my good mood!..what the hell!!!..i take a good step..i just silent myself among the time..silent silent silent..much3 better!..i lover realise something not right about me..he tried to talk to me..but im not in a good mood so i just makes myself silent!..i avoid his questions!  night..before i went to slept..he texted me..said sorry about his housemate..yup..we okay back!..

hurm..actually there are something not right ..what i want to said much problem in a relationship..ouch!..can't write!..shhhhh..

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