Saturday, December 31, 2011

Peraduan blog tercantik come on!

Salam u r u doing?..i hope u all in a pink of health..

far nk try msuk contest ni..but..can i win this contest?..hohoho..what can i do is just try2 laah....if ada rezeki..aDALah..if not wht can i said tyring my best..^^...

wanna join?..

just click ..and abg handsome ni akan show u the u guys yg ada blog kom kita msuk contest ni ramai2..holla! adios!

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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Memories of 2011

salam u all..

yup 2012 will coming soon..!.say hello to 2012 and say tata to 2011 !

everybody have their own memories in year do i..many things was happen with me..


yup..1st at all is living at hostel with my friends...they are Dayah,Ema,Mas,Nisa,Lisa,Kak della,Kak linda ,Kak wawa and Aj..we were having so much fun together,gossiping,cleaning the house,sleeping together..and many more..

yup..these were some of the memories that we have..but something was of our housemate was moving out at 27 dec 11..she suddenly moved out without a words..we just pray for her happiness..may god bless u..

::::::::working out:::::

what the meaning of working out?..hehe..i mean was when i gatal2 involve with business!..yup..i think month of february i know the biz..and in march kot im serius doing a biz..part of part time actually..playing with and money..with this biz i know and have many friends..they were kak yus,danil,daus,abe,nabil,jaja,dayah.abg faiz,abg reza,abg erfan,izzat,suzie,yana,sarah,kak erna,kak atiq,zam,and many more !..then something was i went out the group so do we all are still cntct..
on 26 dec 2011..we were having a Times Squre..mas,fizul,izzat,abe,suzie,daus,kak yus and danil..we were playing a was really fun..together u guys !
these are some pic that i have..

don't know when we are going to meet again..

:::::::love story:::::::::

hmm do u ever fallen in love?..i bet do in love with him..we were met at biz..and started to be closed because always hang out with him  as he was my upline lahh..hmm..we were BFF..before..after we declared as a couple on 29 june was my mom bday..he was my first love..and i think he is the last one..i never been in love before as i am in school..but now im in college so its okaylah if im  involved in love..we were so in deeply in so love him deep in side my heart! me he was my everything..we were went to date..and he bought me a couple ring,t-shirt,cup cakes...but maybe we were not suitable enough..he break up with me on 20 oct 2011..and i feel like my heart were totally boom!..all my strength my soul were lost..and for the first time i feel my life was!..and im trying to get up..its hard..but im trying and trying..i  give all his gift..bcause its make im so in its been 2 months and 9 days that things happened..he remove me as his friends..he block me on fb..he  said negative words at me through him blog..dia skitkn hati hina n kutuk far dlm blog dia..bnda ni semua trjd sbb slh far jgk..far trlampau bersikap kebudak budkn..far ni manja..sbb tu kot..hmm..the truth still loving still can't forget u..evn u hina i..u kutuk i kat blog u..itu semua hak u..u nk kata apa..i redha n satu je i nk kata..what i gave to u is the best of what i have,,and im so regret for what happend between so sorry..syg and cinta i kat u msh tebal lg..u pnh kata kat i u doakan i dpt guy yg baik..yg blh jaga i..insyaallah..if umur i msh pnjng lg..adalah..i hope u jaga diri..and jgn buat  any kind of negative things..i want u to be best man..i doakan u berjaya dlm hdup u..tunaikan apa jua impian n cita2 u..i ngt lg u kata u nk renovate rumah u..i hope impian u trcapai..salam..

yup..thats the end of my love story..its really makes me sad..what i have to do is i accept it with my not expect to involve in any relationship after this..let it be..i don't want to think about love if im in year of 25++..n im still don't have someone that i can called as my lover..i leave it at my parents to find a husband for me..i know our parents want the best for their children..insyaallah ..


yup at this year..there were many of my cousin wedding..abg jang and angah wedding..abg ajim and abg dhal akn berkwin srntk pd thun dpn..thun ni drg tng dulu..insyaallah..if semuanya brjln ngn lncr naik pelamin le drng thun dpn..far tmpng gembira tok drg..
 abg jang and kak rehan..

angah and kak izan

n baru2 ni far and family went to Singapore for a holidayyy..uyeay..but ayie ta dpt g..dia ada training bola..

far rasa ni je r moment2 yg blku pd thun rumusan yg far blh buat spnjg thun ni..

list2 yg far buat tp ta ksampaian nk buat or dah buat..
far buat ni dr dulu lg..time skolah lg..far selalu bwk n letk dlm purse..heehe..jeng3..

1)going fishing (huhu teringin sngt2..)
2)going Korea (insyaallah ada duit adalah)
3)my cita2( insyaallah in process..)
4)couple/love (dah dpt..cuma ta ksmpaian.)
5)wants to go camping! ( teringin gila2!!)
6)meet my old frnds(smpai skrng far cr shahrin..kwn baik far time skolah rndah dulu..dia orng sabah..kami slalu main brsama..far ingt lg lambaian dia kat far..sebelum dia blk Sbah..ntah apa khbrnya dia..)

ni lah antaranya..insyaallah..

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salam..hmmm..apa lah salah far agknya ya?
dh lbh kurng sebulan kami ta jmpa ni..tb2 smlm kami sms..ada sslh fhm skit..sedih2..hmmmm...Miss so sorry okay..kau cm tatau je..aku kn suka skt..hehee..sorry ..T_T..

cm ni cternya..smlm dia sms far..then kami sms lah..bila far nk knkn dia new year jokes..kredit dh hbis..far pun g r beli jap,,time tu far kat klinik..antr ibu g klnk..ibu ta siht..then dh smpai umh br r far topup..tu yg far lmbt reply tu..dh reply sms new year joke tu..then dia reply..mrh2 sbb jgn nk wat die trtunggu tnggu..last2 jadi gduh..haiiyaiii...sorry dear..far kan suka skt orng..dah lama ta kenakn dia..skali far kenakan dia..amik kau!..kena mrh..hmmm...dia tb2 naik angin lah..salah far jgk..hope okaylah aftr ni..insyaallah  ~~

btw aku doakan kau slamt blk KL tau..aku tnggu kau kat umh n kak della skali..rndku kat krng sngt2..daaa ~~~
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Because I Miss You ..

Hello..come on guys..this song i get it from korean drama HEARTSTRING..its a lovely drama..i love it..i watched it at my laptop..i have all the episode..hehe..

Always exactly the same sky..
and always the same day..
Only thing that is different is that you are not here..
I thought i have let you go..without anything left.. I still haven't able to let you go..
Longing..I am longing for you..
Because im longing for you..
I call you..and call you by myself everyday..
Missing  missing you..
Because im  missing you..
Now i just called out your name like a habit..
Even today..
Day by day im feel like what could i do?
Love you..i love you..
Without even being  able to tell you these..i have to let you go just like that..
Sorry sorry..
Can you hear me now?..
Could you able to hear my late confession?..

Yup...the truth is i still loving u..even u said all that kind of words..i accept just human being..

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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Rindu kat awk lak..

salam u all n good morning kot..heheh

this morning far dikejutkan dngn 1 ni cternya..far ngh tidur..tb2 hp far berbunyi..ada orng call..mak aaiihhh sapa yg call far pg2 ni..jam br pkul 9am!..hehe..check lah hp..tngok number yg keluar..hmm..far angkatlah..then far ckp 

far: hello
caller : hello sapa ni?
far: ni sapa?..pagi2 dh call..
caller:sapa ni?
far :(geram ni ha)..nk apa pagi2 ni?'
caller : far ada?
far: yup..kenapa ni sapa?
caller: ni fie lah..
far: fie mana..eh3..far diam..KHASFIE la..and far said OMG fie!!..rindunya kat fie...

hehe..yup rindunya kat dia..kami brk2 jap..bestnya..hehe..u all ingt ta sapa fie ni?..far ada tlis psl dia kat blog ni..pndai2 lah cr..heehehe..far ta da num dia..sbb hp far kena format num smua hlng..huhuhu..dh lama ta cntct fie ni..ngt lagi dia kat far..apa lah agknya khbr dia kat Kelantan tu..after arwah abg dia passed away dia trus berhenti bljar n menetap kat Kelantan jaga mak dia..baiknya..untunglah sapa dpt dia jd suami..opsss apa yg far dh melalut ni..hehe..ada jodoh ta kemana..insyaallah....

smlm azzah tdur umah azzah mas n dayah tidur kat hall ramai2..smbil berinai..hehe..dah berinai si azzah ni ha gatal nk berkahwin lak..hehehe..sama2 la kita semua ni ha..ntah bila mahu kahwin  ni??..hehe..mntng2 dh nk msuk umur 20..sbr ye miss farhanah..long time to go..kami brk2..n msng2 setuju nk kahwin umur 25 thun ke is true.. 

ptng ni nk gerak blk Sepang..dayah lak blk Melaka..tnggal Mas kat umh srng2..huhu..far blk KL blk maybe Isnin dpn kot..sbb ari rabu dah exam..sehari je far punya examm then cuti..yeeeeaaaayyyy..!!

sepatutnya hari ni far kluar ngn yana..but far blk sepng so far extend next week..far ada ajk yana,jaja,dayah skali..insyaallah if kami semua free khamis dpn kot kami kluar..suzie lak dh nk g ta blh ikut kot..hope jd la..sbb msng2 dh lama ta jmpa..

okay daa nk g mydin r..nk beli nk ikut mas n dayah fizul g kopikita sbb gara2 tamau pecah duit RM50 !..hehehe..

bye syg !

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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Spring Cleaning..oh yeeaaayyyy

Salam and good evening u all

how r u?..i hope u r in pink of fine..even im not 100% fine..but i blgk like okay..ehhehee..okay2..what is our topic today?..yup spring cleaning..(dngr lagu dr avenged sevenfold smbil tlis blog..crredit kat ikhwan!)

today i have last class for kitchen subject..Spring Cleaning la..kena basuh kitchen lah..+__+..huhuhuii..
plus ada jamuan skali..

klass start kol 11am..miss tag kat fb klass kami gbung ngn klass sng r ckit..pergh pnt sental mnyental kuali tu semua..mop lagi..bsuh lagi..holllaaaaa!..kami dibahagikan kpd 4 group..setiap group satu br kolej punya kitchen belum hotel lg..mcm mana lah agknya t kn..ta dpt nk bygkan!..apa2 pun far kena hadapi gk..far keje kat hotel gk t..ta sbr lak nk tnggu practical thn graduate..n keje..wahhhh!!..dh mula brgn lak far ni kn..hehe..insyaallah rezeki ta kemana..

kol 2:30pm kami selesai maklum r dr pg ta far kotor r dok mnyntal kuali td..hmm..tngn kasar T__T..huhuhu..

selalunya if time jamuan mak kita yg slalu mskn tok kita kn?? now ta lg..msng2 msk le..far n dayah bwk agar2 coklat..hhee..ada yg bwk nasi grng,kek,puding..miss bwk brownies..sedapnyaa..nyumm2..and ada orng bwk ice cream lah!!..sedp gila..! r kat sapa2 yg bwk ice cream tu..far siap take away lagi..hehehe..ketagih far mkn ice cream dia..hehe..
dah setel semua kami brgmbr and bersuarai..berakhlah klass mis and other students jmpa u all next sem okay..will going miss u like hell la!..
far and ieka

ben far n dayah..

ady rahim zaki and dany !

ieka mila nina

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aku yg cuba berlagak cool !

salam u all..

ni la pdhnya if cuba2 and berlagak jd cool !..haiiiyaaaiii..far yg kecundang gk! g kluar ngn mmbr2 ada dia gk..bergelak sakan smpai ta ngt dunia..sbb nk cntrl pnya psl..wah 1st tu mmg blh cool lg..thn n kawl perasaan n emo tu r kn..ta dpt nk kata apa..trlps jgk..mana taknya..ta selesa giler if kita kluar ngn ex kita?..haiiyaaa..hmmm...okay r tamau cter lebih2 sbb dia ada blog if ta de blh kot wt essei ni ha..hahaha..daaaa 

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Sunday, December 25, 2011

Avenged Sevenfold ! vs Linkin Park !

holla u guys..Avenged Sevenhold..wht is it?

oh yeah that a band..metal rock sort of like all their song..nightmare,little piece of heaven,far far away..and so many more!..omg since when i like this type of song?..actually far dh lama mnt lgu2 cm ni..bila far tension best lyn lagu2 cm kata apa yg kita rasa n pndm tu lps cm tu aja...hikhikhik..yup mmg kbnykan lagu lirik n video klip yg mmg jgn r smpai taksub sngt..far hanya layn ta r smpai terikut ikut...hanya skdr hburn dikala far tension aja.. :D join ni link..

Linkin park pun far lyn..best2!!..

ni pun sama gk..suka bgnt lagu2 nya..wlaupn linkin park ni sopan skit dr avenged sama je..far suka dngr dua2 lagu ni..massyuuukk!!..oh yeah let's rock n roll!
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Friday, December 23, 2011

hooraaayyyy !! let's say goodbye to Sem 5

alhamdulllillah..sem 5 its over nooww..oh yeah..hooraaayyyy..

final exam for 3 subjects are finished..western cookery,garde manger and meat..all these subjects are kitchen praktical..its not easy actually..

so just left two papers!..english and beverage operation..for subject beverage have 2 exams..practical and paper..
the exam paper is on 4 jan 2012..same with english paper..the practical is already done..

here are some pic for the subjects that im take..


ni lah ahli2 klass B.O ni..rmai..yup..kami punya task adalah buat table setting..sng gk lah..satu group 4 atau 5 far ada ben,dayah and vivin..


Ni group far spnjng kami bljr tok sub ni..Ben,Ady,Dany,Dayah and ni problem at presentation pun ngn drng ni..kami brpisah time mid and final exam je..
time mid far group ngn addy..time final gar group ngn karmilah..


Ni lak group bg sub ni..dayah,win.mira and me!..oh yeah..kami berpisah time mid and final exam je..yg lain kami prsentation kami the best kot...aww!..

time far mid exam..far group ngn win and sapa nth srg lagi tu..time final lak iaitu ptg td far group ngn hafiz n lah hsl kami..
chef kata salad kami adalah terbaik dr group yg lain..yeahhh..and chicken roulete kami gk..best3..!


aduhaaiii..meat tada pic la u far ada 4 orng..BeN,DAyah,azief and ni okay kot..exam pun okay..
time mid exam kami individu..time fnal kami grouping..huhuhu...

berakhir lah sudah sub untuk sem 5..pelbgai resepi kami bljr..chef kami the best lec!..

Miss Fazlina

chef bg sub western cookery..

Sir Eddy 

ni lah chef bg sub garde manger..

Sir Azral

ni lak chef meat..

ketiga-tiga chef ni best gila!..sporting n bljr ngn  mereka..hehee..hope next sem dpt chef ni chef azral dh ta ngjr start bln dpn..huhuhu..sedihnya..T_T

apa2pun...sem5 best!..and say hello to sem 6!! 

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Thursday, December 22, 2011

happy bday to my bionic women a.k.a Farahiah !.. im so sorry aku trlupa bday kau..huhuhu...

 happy bday girl..semoga kau pnjg umur..aku rindu gila wei ngn kau..zaman skolah2 kita dulu tu ha..zaman nkl2 kita..

br ckp 19 thun umur kau..hehehe..kau dh ready nk g Sarawak?..msti berdebar2 kn?..insyaallah if umur kita msh pnjg  aku akn g sana kot ngn mmbr2 kita..kita reunion!..yeaaahhhh..lama ta g 'clubbing'..haaaahahahaha..aku kau ara elli raby tmah bella qlah ed dayah teeyah..n many more!..pnt nk tlis rmai sngt mmbr2 amiruddin mcm mana? aku dh pass kn dia kat kau..jaga dia elok2 tau.. :D ...kau dh jd orng srawak t..lau jdoh kau ngn orng sana..jngn lupa ajk kami ni ha g knduri kahwin kau..tmphkanlah ye tket pnbngn n hotel skali..sng kami t..g brcuti

eh3 gop kau ingt ta time aku mula2 jmpa kau?..time tu kita form 1 ta slh..kita sama klass..time tu kita ta rpt sngt cm skrng..mak kita r kita at our mom! kita kn tauke tupperware.. :D....kau msti ingt lgkn kita kena nyanyi ngn bdk2 pndidikn khas..lagu arwah kn?..hehe..mmbntu bdk2 tu..then msuk pandu puteri n kita kwad tngh2 panas tu ha..hehe..kngn semua tu kn..

semua tu dulu..kngn kita zmn skolah..rindunya nk kmbali ke zmn skolah..skarng kita semua dh ada laluan msng2..dh ada arah tujuan msng2..brapa lama ek kita dh ta jmpa?..3 bln dh dlm 3 bln ni lah pelbagai trjd kat aku pnh ckp kat kau yg aku wanita plng bahagia sbb aku dh jatuh sekejap je aku dpt rasa bnda tu..kini aku single..n trademark baru aku SINGLE IS SEXY!..hehee..hmmm ntah lah gop..jodoh kami ta pnjng kot..

dulu time skolah..kita lah yg rajin hbiskn duit g lawatan..hehee..then kita msuk choral speaking n mng!!..yeahhh..

okay lah farah..kang lebih2 aku trnangis lak..hehee..btw aku wish all the best tok kau..evn aku trlmbt wish..ta brmakna aku lupa kat kau..bila kau dh jtuh cnta t..meh hbq kat aku..ehhee..nk gk tmpng genbira tok kau..aku n ara dh single..tmah otw..qlah n ed msh ngn org yg sama..elli mcm nk kawin dh..dayah?..hehe..mcm kau lak kot..msh mennti..tapa2..t kita semua wt reunion besar2..bwk suami n ank2 kita salam..
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i miss my pinkie! huhuhh T__T

holla guys..huhu..i really miss my pinkie..a lot lah..almost 2 mnths we are nvr been cncted..huhu..miss u lah...miss to hug u..miss to touch u..miss to play with u..T___T...

and guess wht?..i will get my pinkie back tonight..!yeaaayyyy rndu sama u sngt2..

eh mesti u all nk tahu kn sapa pinkie?..hehee..its my hp x3 02...dah repair je pg td trngat kat hp far tu..tb2 dlm klass td orng tu call ckp hp dh siap..dh blh amik..yiiiihaaaaaa  !!! 

td png gk kpala nk mntk tlg sapa ye nkg amk hp..azzah blk kg lak..azief ta da mto..mntk tlg addy dia mntk upah..haiyaaa!! ophy lak td tb2 battery kong..then trsrmpk ngn hafiz n drg tlg amkkn..hehe..ngh tnggu drng call ni nk g trn amik..ta sbr2 sngt..rindunyaa awwwww <3 <3 <3..
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Everybody Hurts by Avril Lavigne

Holla !..jom kita karok..oh yeahh  awwwww <3 ^^

[Verse 1:]
Don't know, don't know if I can do this on my own
Why do you have to leave me?
It seems I'm losing something deep inside of me
Hold on onto me

Now I see, now I see

Everybody hurts some days
It's okay to be afraid
Everybody hurts, everybody screams
Everybody feels this way and it's okay
Ladadadada, it's okay

[Verse 2:]
It feels like nothing really matters anymore
When you're gone, I can't breathe
And I know you never meant to make me feel this way
This can't be happening

Now I see (now I see), now I see

Everybody hurts some days
It's okay to be afraid
Everybody hurts, everybody screams
Everybody feels this way and it's okay

Ladadadada it's okay


So many questions, so much on my mind
So many answers I can't find
I wish I could turn back the time
I wonder why

Everybody hurts some days (some days)
Everybody hurts some days (some days)

Everybody hurts some days (some days)
It's okay to be afraid (I'm afraid)
Everybody hurts, everybody screams
Everybody feels this way and it's okay

Ladadadada it's okay
Lalalalala it's okay

Everybody hurts some days
(Some days)
It's okay to be afraid
(I'm afraid)
Everbody hurts some days
Yeah, we all feel pain (It's okay)
Everybody feels this way
But it'll be okay (some days)
Can't somebody take me away
To a better place?
Everybody feels this way

Ladadada it's okay
Lalalala, it's okay
Ladadada it's okay
Lalalala, it's okay

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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

lonely +++++ r u doing today??

im lonely lahh..ema n kak dilla tiada disisi ku..hwaaa..sedih sngt2..sunyi sngt2..

they are at jitra kedah..hvng a postg for a month..lamanya..huhuhu..
rumah mmg sunyi tnpa drng..
evn ada dayah..krng skit lah lonely ni..hmm.,..if ada ema n kak dilla mmg far suka cr psl ngn drng..kira sakt drng
but now nk skt sapa??..huhuhu..dayah?..blh aja..ahaha..
tdur srng2..katil 2 tngkat..tiap2 mlm ngdp katil ats yg ksng..lau ta dulu whn ta dpt tdo brk2 ngn kak dila...ta pun ema tdo dlm blik kami..brk2..bergosip gosip bersih..klassss kaawww! dah la lmpu bilik rosk..dh sebulan dh..asik pkai lilin aja..dh mcm hdup dlm gua..lmpu blk air pn rsk gk..bergelap je hdup far ni ha..ntah bila mhu  trng bndrg ni !..tnggu je r kot..

dr smlm lg far dok fkir..aftr baca blog dia..hmm..yup mmg terasa n rasa far ni hina sngt dimata dia..ayt dia tls tu..bermain main di mnda far..mmg slh far..far yg prangai mcm bdk2..far yg buat dia rasa far ni mnjengkelkan..ayt dia tlis tu mmg merobek jntng hati far trus..far trsntp sngt..bila dia tls ex-bff...maksudnya dia tamau kwn ngn far lg la kn?..hmm..kat blog dia ada tlis..lagu dia nyanyi tu bknn tok far..okay fine far blh trima tp kn far dh tlis far ckp adakah hanya mainan prasaan far..far ta kata pun  that sng was for me only..ntahlah..idk..dkt view my profile..dia dh siap tls awl..dia buat blog for people yg makes him annoying..yup far r orng prtama yg dia tls kat blog dia..means im the one..

alright then..far nk out lah.. salam :D
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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

wah dia online!sukanya~~~ :D

yuhuuu,...far online fb..n tb2 nmpak nama dia naik..wahhh rindu sama kau wei..n now kami ngh chatting..dia ni kwn far time skolah dulu..azizul nama dia..handsome orngnya..muka ala2 aaron aziz..yup mmg far mnt dia dulu!.. hohoiii!!!..hope dpt jmpa dia lg.. :D..t far cter about him lg okay daaa :D

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mimpiku! +__+

holla frnds..

just want to said..okay lah far mmg gdis cpt perasan sorry lah..kita punya perasaan n hati..kalau betul,betul lah....kalau salah ,slah lah..kata orng yg baik kita amik..yg ta baik kita jdkn pngjarn..hoho..betul ke ta ni??..ntah lah..

yup..dh dua bln berlalu..kjap je rasanya..
far bkn tamau lpskn dia..mmg dh mcm ada bnda tark mnrik far supya jngn tnggalkan n jgn lupakn dia trus..hati ni rasa semcm je..ta tng org kata..or lbh nk fhm..if kita htg ngn orng..and kita ta byr..msti rasa lain kn?..ha lbh krng cm tu lah far rasa..haiiiyaaaiii!!!!...far ta pts2 berdoa..if ada jodoh antara kami,,moga dipnjgkan....

smlm far brmmpi..far mmpi far berpegangn tngn ngn guy ni...guy ni far knl sngt..bkn dia tp kwn far knl kat kolej ni gk..knl time kami sem 1..sama klass..klass english..ta slh nama dia khairil irsyad...dia hlr tngn kat far...far smbut..n far hlur tngn far kat dia..dia smbt gk..pelik mmpi ni..
far pn tanya dayah..dayah kata maybe orng yg kita syg akan pergi dr hdup kita..dayah kata maybe..sbb apa yg kita mmpi slalunya jd yg sebalknya..ya allah sapa lak yg far syg mahu tnggalkn far ni??..mnta jgnlah..far syg semua org.. -__-

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today just today..

salam dear blogger..

today i have final exam for subject western with my partner mila were doing tenderloin steak..

before exam was started at 3 pm..i hve english class early in the morning at 9 am until 11am..we waited lecture coming ..waiting..n waiting...lecture still nt coming..haiiyaaaiii!!..then dayah sms lecture..n guess wht?..lecture are nt coming,..she is sick..allllaaaaamakkkkk!!!...and i and dayah have to wait until 3 pm for the exam..imagine how long i n dayah have to waitng..6 hours!..we hang out at block C level 4..OMG..Im so bored lah..then we went bought guava and started carving..fuyoooo i dah pndai carving..yeayy credit to dayah...and kami jd artis sekejap..hehehee..a lot of stndt watching us..lectures pun dtg kat kami n ckp.."wow its nice.." kmbg jap..hehee..before ni far ta pndai carving..ask ta jd td..alhamdullillah..far jd buat n lawa lg..hehehe..wahh sapa nk kahwin t blh order kat far ye..lalalalala~~~

yeah dh pkul 3pm! we went to kitchen..then trsrmpk  lak ngn OPhy..hang out jap..wah ophy makin handsome lak..and he ask me the girl that stand infrnt of me..far lupa nama dia..then tanya dayah..ophy gelabah n malu gila siiihh..dia trus blah..ceh pemalu sngt kau ni ophy!..ahahaha..lama tu ophy dtg blk kat far..n bg far gula2..dia kata uph..far naik pelik..n rasa mcm ni msti ada smthng ni..mmg pun!..dia srh far tnya kn kat girl tu yg ophy mahu brkenalan..far pun tnyalah..jap g smbng cter ophy ni..heheh..
with our partners..miss fazlina handover a question paper..yup we got and have to cook tenderloin steak..dayah got seabass..we were doing the miser place..n started to cooking..

and aftr fnsh cooking and decoration..we have to prsnt it at miss..alamakkk!!!trlebih garam..masin..haiiyaaa...dah down mood kami ni ha.. +__+..tapa2..
klass hbis lwt sngt..kol 6 lbh..huhu..kluar je dr kitchen..trsrmpk lg ngn ophy..dia mahu blk dh..blk ngn zaki..n far ckp lah apa yg girl td jwb..soory ophy dia dah berpunya lah..ophy sdih kot..hehehe..relaz r bro..g bljk kat hairi psl girl..kat alann ke..msti blh punya lah..hehehe..kat izzat?..hmm blh kot tp lmbt skit r.. hish3 apa yg far dh ngarut ni..hish....

0kay2 lah..esok far ada exam lg..praktikal for subject Beverage Operation..mnggu ni berturut turut exam..smpai hr jumaat..semua praktikal..wish me luck! 

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Monday, December 19, 2011

serabut lah !


far dh mcm tawar hati nk dok KL..Far dh rasa tawar hati dok kat PV12 ni..ya allah kenapalah kau pertemukan aku ngn dia???...


td time family far antr far kat pv12 ni..far rasa brt sngt nk mlngkh..brt rasanya nk dok sini..dah tawar hati sngt2...

kenapalah hati ni degil sngt??..orng kata cinta itu buta..cinta itu mengasyikkn..cinta itu kenapa far ta rasa nikmatnya..napa far dpt yg srng menyakitkn hati..yg serng wat hdup far terseksa..

far tension sngt2..far nk blk umh..far nk pergi jauh dr sini..ayah ibu amik along kat sini..along tamau dok KL dh..sakit sngt2..dia jht..dia wat hdup far tunggang trbalik..dia wat hdup far ta betul..dia wt hdup far ta tntu arh..hwaaaaaa...

*far please stop crying..but i can't stop always comes up..
dear god please sent me someone that can pull me out frm nt strng enough to faced a not strng..
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Hello Singapore !

tngok pic je nk tlis..ahahaha..
apapun mmg best g Singapore !

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