Friday, December 23, 2011

hooraaayyyy !! let's say goodbye to Sem 5

alhamdulllillah..sem 5 its over nooww..oh yeah..hooraaayyyy..

final exam for 3 subjects are finished..western cookery,garde manger and meat..all these subjects are kitchen praktical..its not easy actually..

so just left two papers!..english and beverage operation..for subject beverage have 2 exams..practical and paper..
the exam paper is on 4 jan 2012..same with english paper..the practical is already done..

here are some pic for the subjects that im take..


ni lah ahli2 klass B.O ni..rmai..yup..kami punya task adalah buat table setting..sng gk lah..satu group 4 atau 5 far ada ben,dayah and vivin..


Ni group far spnjng kami bljr tok sub ni..Ben,Ady,Dany,Dayah and ni problem at presentation pun ngn drng ni..kami brpisah time mid and final exam je..
time mid far group ngn addy..time final gar group ngn karmilah..


Ni lak group bg sub ni..dayah,win.mira and me!..oh yeah..kami berpisah time mid and final exam je..yg lain kami prsentation kami the best kot...aww!..

time far mid exam..far group ngn win and sapa nth srg lagi tu..time final lak iaitu ptg td far group ngn hafiz n lah hsl kami..
chef kata salad kami adalah terbaik dr group yg lain..yeahhh..and chicken roulete kami gk..best3..!


aduhaaiii..meat tada pic la u far ada 4 orng..BeN,DAyah,azief and ni okay kot..exam pun okay..
time mid exam kami individu..time fnal kami grouping..huhuhu...

berakhir lah sudah sub untuk sem 5..pelbgai resepi kami bljr..chef kami the best lec!..

Miss Fazlina

chef bg sub western cookery..

Sir Eddy 

ni lah chef bg sub garde manger..

Sir Azral

ni lak chef meat..

ketiga-tiga chef ni best gila!..sporting n bljr ngn  mereka..hehee..hope next sem dpt chef ni chef azral dh ta ngjr start bln dpn..huhuhu..sedihnya..T_T

apa2pun...sem5 best!..and say hello to sem 6!! 

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