Saturday, February 19, 2011

omg! someone please help me!!!!!!!

somebody please help me!

omg how this thing happen to me..uch!...why i like him???
ya allah please help why i like him!..

if we are meant to be..i accept him..if not..what i can i say..

one day i suddenly woke up very early at 6 am..i woke up and i pray solat subuh..and i pray to god..this doa..
then i went to college as usual..and guess what?
him asked me for a lunch..i just said ok..we went for a lunch and have a conversation..
then i continued for my next class..
lecture was taught in front..and suddenly i remembered my doa this morning..and i said omg!
its happen!!!
im so shocked!..
and i doa the same thing..and its happen again..and i think..its true?
or just my feeling? is this love or not?..hemmm..
i really don't know..what can i say is i really happy when im with him..its quite long im not being a happy girl like this..hehe..

ya allah..if he the person that U have choose for me.please make it happen..if not please help me to rid of this feeling..i don't want suffer...hmmmmm
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