Monday, November 15, 2010

huhu...(-__-) a two days more, muslim in Malaysia will celebrate Hari Raya Qurban or Hari Raya Haji on Wednesday.. so all people will busy going to their hometown.. for preparing the things for ceremony.. but me??? college just give us, the student, holiday just one day???..omg!!!how can be like that???they suppose give us a holiday..  atleast three or a week! im very jealous.. all my friends from different university get holiday.. huhu… so this year I celebrate here at my home with my family.. uh I really miss my grandma and grandpa.. im so fortunate because my house is near with my hostel.. than my other housemate.. their  house are very far..  some from Sabah, Johor, Malacca,  Penang and Terengganu.. so they celebrate Hari Raya at hostel….tomorrow, Tuesday.. my father will fetch me at hostel.. and the next(Wednesday)..i ‘ll be back again to hostel.. hmmmm.. that’s  a life!.. Then the next day I have class.. ahaha!

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Sunday, November 14, 2010


I really likes J..for the first moment I saw him..i already fall in love with him..evethough I already have a boyfriend..i met him at college..we were in the same class..i always looked him in the class..i don’t know if he realized or not..better he not realized it..or not I will shamed of myself..hehe..our lecture asked us to do the group only consist two that class only have eight guy(that’s him!) and seven girls!..i do I don’t have just left me and him don’t have any group..our lecture makes I and him in one I and him were in a same group!..he asked my phone number..he said easy to call to do the assignment..i gave it!..later, I call him to set the time for discussed about our assignment..we set the time and placed..we planned to met at our after I finished my class at that day..i waited him..i waiting..and waiting..but he not showed up!..i get angry..
So I called him..he answered my call..and guess what???
He still sleeping!!!!! Oh my god…im very angry and upset with him!i really hate him..he is so irresponsible person!if he infront of me that time…I really want  killed him and throw his body away from here! cruel right???don’t care and don’t play a mess with me..i can be more cruel if I wanted to beware..ahaha..then he texted me and said very sorry..i said its ok!, the same thing was happen..he again not showed up..oh my god whats wrong with him?i really not get it..and I really hate him..very much! He think what I am??and who are u for doing all this things..he said he had a fever..ah!whatever lah just wanted to finished this assignment so I can focus on other subject..but he messed it up..and ruined my planned..but at night the same day..i texted him..asked how is he going?..he said little bit ok after taking a pill..i asked him whats wrong..he said he just broke up with his girlfriend after 2nd half year they couple..when I heard it..i am so happy and super duper excited!
I don’t know why..but I really happy..ahah..we texted all night..and I told him about my boyfriend..he was very shocked!yes he was..he gaved me some advices..i listened and listened..i fell something strange feeling..fell likes my spirit is coming back..i feel like I fallen in love with him..eventhough at the same time I  still somebody girlfriend..we texted and then skype-ing,facebook-ing..truthly I said..i really like him very much more than I like my boyfriend.. I so cruel???i think no..because  …??????...
But now???he changed college..i really don’t know why..something not right here..when I read his fb..he said he changed the college..but when I asked him..he said he have to go back at his country because his father had heart attack!..hello mr whats going on here???on fb u said like that sms u said like this..what happen exactly???..hmmm..i don’t know lah..if he really changed  college then me???how our assignment??and how can I meet u again???
Oh…u r so cruel J!do u knw I already broke up with my boyfriends because of u..even I not told my boyfriend that I want broke up with him..but I want it..i just broke up like that without tell him…as to me im single gal!
How could u do this to me..don’t u get it I really love can u just walk away just like that..leave me alone here..of course u don’t know I really like  u..because I not tell u my feelings to not going to blame u..what I can say is …..
I know im not perfect and match with u..i know that..yes!everyday I always dream that one day we will in love..ah so silly..everytime I open my fb I will go to his page..looks his fb..looks his picture..watching his picture..because I  miss u so much J..i don’t know y I like u so much!..hmmmm…damn!
And I just want to say..take care ok..


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HYE!!!!! (^__^) name is farhanah..u can call me a simple gal..i likes to do what I wanted to do in my still study..i take diploma in culinary arts..yeah!i want be a chef..a well-known and educated cheff..hehe..i stay in hostel at setapak..i live with my housemate..its very challenging…because all things we have to do it by our own..ourself..washing the house..all that stuff we have to do lets do it!

Ahaha..this is my first time living in hostel..before this I never been in boarding I get this oppurtinity..i have to grab it..there are too many problems I faced actually..1st-ly was about my ex-housemate..we arguing because of this tiny mistakes..won’t tell what is it,,lets be our  love my housemate..thats all..i really care about them..i don’t want they be like that..but..hmmmm….some people different thinking,,I don’t mind about long they know what are they doing and happy..thats will be okay with me..

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