Sunday, November 14, 2010

HYE!!!!! (^__^) name is farhanah..u can call me a simple gal..i likes to do what I wanted to do in my still study..i take diploma in culinary arts..yeah!i want be a chef..a well-known and educated cheff..hehe..i stay in hostel at setapak..i live with my housemate..its very challenging…because all things we have to do it by our own..ourself..washing the house..all that stuff we have to do lets do it!

Ahaha..this is my first time living in hostel..before this I never been in boarding I get this oppurtinity..i have to grab it..there are too many problems I faced actually..1st-ly was about my ex-housemate..we arguing because of this tiny mistakes..won’t tell what is it,,lets be our  love my housemate..thats all..i really care about them..i don’t want they be like that..but..hmmmm….some people different thinking,,I don’t mind about long they know what are they doing and happy..thats will be okay with me..

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