Thursday, December 2, 2010


Hye…something I feel likes.. hmmmm.. i don’t know actually how I want to say.. i don’t know how I want to describe it..
Okay..lets I explain it with a simple words..

I already couple with this guy.. he is foreigner.. he don’t know how to speak malay.. so we using English.. at the first time I speak English with very ackward.. because this is my first time speaking in English.. yeah I admit my language sometimes broken.. but when i always speak in English,, I feel more confident!.. hehe.. we couple and couple.. until…

9 august 2010..he going back to his country.. yeah I really sad u know!.aahahaha..he promised to call me when he arrived there.. and he also said ‘”just make a miscall and I’ll definitely  call u”..yes he did it..but it just for a month I think..after that when I miscall him. He not called me so weird..when I called him..he said I called you later..”i busy right now”….so I waiting for his call all day..guess what???nothing happen!..i really angry and sad…it happens again and again..until I very fed up with I’ve made a decision..with the help and advice from my friend (mr j)..i broke up with him..but he don’t know..i just broke up like that without telling him…but I already sent sms to usual he not replied I take it as that time my heart feel so tension .. no stress..wah how nice this feeling..and thanks to mr j!..u’ve helped me a lot..
But last week he called me..and I not answer he called..when he called just ignored it..and one day..he called me..and I accidently answered it…n guess what he said???he said that im stupid because sent him that kind of sms(sms broke up!) just heard what he said..and obviously he don’t want end our relationship..hmm..but i???
I want it..hwaaaa… we still couple right now..but to me im not couple with him a bad girl!
Im just let him think that we are still couple..but to me???
Im no longer with him!...serves he right,,forwhat he done to me..revenge!!!!!.yeah I like it..

Now its almost 4 months he is not here (Malaysia)..he at his its mean 4 months we not see each this 4 months also..a lot of things happen to me..a lot!..he always said  “I’ll be back next week” usual  nothing happen..and he not call me..he always said “I’ve a busy.and many more excuse!..

Im a simple girl.. if u don’t want me anymore just said it..its okay with me…I think.. he was my 1st couple actually.. i thought I will be fantastic.. but it is not!..
Let it be..let it be..

Single is better.. couple is trouble!  (^u^)…

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