Monday, December 12, 2011

12 12 12 23 AM!

how r u?i hope u r in a pink of health..

im feel empty..feel lonely without him..its been 7 weeks and 1 day i hv been alone..i miss him so much..miss our moment together..miss  his voice..miss him alot!!u r my everything dear..

i really not understand with my heart..until now im still can't forget him..seriusly..i want forget him..but there something happen at me..when i trying to forget him..its like a sign..arggghhhhhh!!!i don't know wht happen lah..

i easily get jelousy with other couple..especially with my always avoid when my frnd ask me out with them...i mean she with her boyfrnd..i can't control my emo..oh far what happen with u??..

yeah i do..i really miss him alot..but what can i do??..can i just begging him to come back to me??or hug and crying infront of him begging that i wnt hm back??can i??..i thnk no way that idea is a brilliant idea..wht can i do just blogging..tell everything wht happen in my daily life with blogging..


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  1. hey buddy..i know what ur feeling..we cant easily forget our first love..take your time to think what is the best for you...dont make he think you cant stand by yourself without him..we must look strong infront him.chill ya..chayok2!! :)


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