Thursday, December 29, 2011

Memories of 2011

salam u all..

yup 2012 will coming soon..!.say hello to 2012 and say tata to 2011 !

everybody have their own memories in year do i..many things was happen with me..


yup..1st at all is living at hostel with my friends...they are Dayah,Ema,Mas,Nisa,Lisa,Kak della,Kak linda ,Kak wawa and Aj..we were having so much fun together,gossiping,cleaning the house,sleeping together..and many more..

yup..these were some of the memories that we have..but something was of our housemate was moving out at 27 dec 11..she suddenly moved out without a words..we just pray for her happiness..may god bless u..

::::::::working out:::::

what the meaning of working out?..hehe..i mean was when i gatal2 involve with business!..yup..i think month of february i know the biz..and in march kot im serius doing a biz..part of part time actually..playing with and money..with this biz i know and have many friends..they were kak yus,danil,daus,abe,nabil,jaja,dayah.abg faiz,abg reza,abg erfan,izzat,suzie,yana,sarah,kak erna,kak atiq,zam,and many more !..then something was i went out the group so do we all are still cntct..
on 26 dec 2011..we were having a Times Squre..mas,fizul,izzat,abe,suzie,daus,kak yus and danil..we were playing a was really fun..together u guys !
these are some pic that i have..

don't know when we are going to meet again..

:::::::love story:::::::::

hmm do u ever fallen in love?..i bet do in love with him..we were met at biz..and started to be closed because always hang out with him  as he was my upline lahh..hmm..we were BFF..before..after we declared as a couple on 29 june was my mom bday..he was my first love..and i think he is the last one..i never been in love before as i am in school..but now im in college so its okaylah if im  involved in love..we were so in deeply in so love him deep in side my heart! me he was my everything..we were went to date..and he bought me a couple ring,t-shirt,cup cakes...but maybe we were not suitable enough..he break up with me on 20 oct 2011..and i feel like my heart were totally boom!..all my strength my soul were lost..and for the first time i feel my life was!..and im trying to get up..its hard..but im trying and trying..i  give all his gift..bcause its make im so in its been 2 months and 9 days that things happened..he remove me as his friends..he block me on fb..he  said negative words at me through him blog..dia skitkn hati hina n kutuk far dlm blog dia..bnda ni semua trjd sbb slh far jgk..far trlampau bersikap kebudak budkn..far ni manja..sbb tu kot..hmm..the truth still loving still can't forget u..evn u hina i..u kutuk i kat blog u..itu semua hak u..u nk kata apa..i redha n satu je i nk kata..what i gave to u is the best of what i have,,and im so regret for what happend between so sorry..syg and cinta i kat u msh tebal lg..u pnh kata kat i u doakan i dpt guy yg baik..yg blh jaga i..insyaallah..if umur i msh pnjng lg..adalah..i hope u jaga diri..and jgn buat  any kind of negative things..i want u to be best man..i doakan u berjaya dlm hdup u..tunaikan apa jua impian n cita2 u..i ngt lg u kata u nk renovate rumah u..i hope impian u trcapai..salam..

yup..thats the end of my love story..its really makes me sad..what i have to do is i accept it with my not expect to involve in any relationship after this..let it be..i don't want to think about love if im in year of 25++..n im still don't have someone that i can called as my lover..i leave it at my parents to find a husband for me..i know our parents want the best for their children..insyaallah ..


yup at this year..there were many of my cousin wedding..abg jang and angah wedding..abg ajim and abg dhal akn berkwin srntk pd thun dpn..thun ni drg tng dulu..insyaallah..if semuanya brjln ngn lncr naik pelamin le drng thun dpn..far tmpng gembira tok drg..
 abg jang and kak rehan..

angah and kak izan

n baru2 ni far and family went to Singapore for a holidayyy..uyeay..but ayie ta dpt g..dia ada training bola..

far rasa ni je r moment2 yg blku pd thun rumusan yg far blh buat spnjg thun ni..

list2 yg far buat tp ta ksampaian nk buat or dah buat..
far buat ni dr dulu lg..time skolah lg..far selalu bwk n letk dlm purse..heehe..jeng3..

1)going fishing (huhu teringin sngt2..)
2)going Korea (insyaallah ada duit adalah)
3)my cita2( insyaallah in process..)
4)couple/love (dah dpt..cuma ta ksmpaian.)
5)wants to go camping! ( teringin gila2!!)
6)meet my old frnds(smpai skrng far cr shahrin..kwn baik far time skolah rndah dulu..dia orng sabah..kami slalu main brsama..far ingt lg lambaian dia kat far..sebelum dia blk Sbah..ntah apa khbrnya dia..)

ni lah antaranya..insyaallah..

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