Thursday, December 29, 2011

Because I Miss You ..

Hello..come on guys..this song i get it from korean drama HEARTSTRING..its a lovely drama..i love it..i watched it at my laptop..i have all the episode..hehe..

Always exactly the same sky..
and always the same day..
Only thing that is different is that you are not here..
I thought i have let you go..without anything left.. I still haven't able to let you go..
Longing..I am longing for you..
Because im longing for you..
I call you..and call you by myself everyday..
Missing  missing you..
Because im  missing you..
Now i just called out your name like a habit..
Even today..
Day by day im feel like what could i do?
Love you..i love you..
Without even being  able to tell you these..i have to let you go just like that..
Sorry sorry..
Can you hear me now?..
Could you able to hear my late confession?..

Yup...the truth is i still loving u..even u said all that kind of words..i accept just human being..

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