Monday, May 30, 2011

L O V E !!!

                                     Okay readers..this is topic for today..

say it..L O V we know about love??anyone?..
well everybody want love and want to be love..but with who??...
yup that the question..with who..who..who.. n who ...???..
we always listening to love song..reading love novel..watching romantic drama..or movies..watching people dating..and many more..n i bet u want that happen to u too..right?..i also want it..but..yeah too many but's n question in the mind..

to is something that very precious that everyone can have it..its too treasure..if we love somebody we just say it to the it?..or not?..maybe can't face rejection..well..we get it or not...what we have to do just face it...thats all.. 

when we are in the world is ours!..yup..its true..

owh thats so so lovely and romantic!..
every lover want spent most of their time with lover..of course la..watching movies together..dinner together..hold a hand when walking in the park..wahhh!!!

haaa..when we have lover...make sure u take care of ur lover..don't break ur lover him/her with ur heart..give support..and we can live happily ever after..(like a fairy tail!)..hehe..

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