Thursday, May 5, 2011

what the hell!!!!..argh!


yesterday...i went to Wangsa Walk with Mr Banker..i have to settle up my broadband bill ..its so weird when i got 2 bill in a month!..we went to celcom i asked about my bill..and gst wht?
somebody broke in my broadband line!!.oh shit!!!wtf!!..i have to terminated my line and make police report..

after that Mr Banker bought a movie ticket..we watched Red Riding Hood..on top of that..i called my daddy and told him about my problem..while we waiting for a movie in one hour..we went for a karok..after Mr Banker dh pnt melalak..we straight away masuk wayang..and duduk situ diam2..ahaha...

Okay movie dah hbis..i wanna ate spagetti we went ate it..hehe..lps mkn kami balik..i trus g ofiz..Mr Banker trus balik umh..

i reached at office at 8:15pm..won't tell what happen at office..ssssshhhhh!!!(^U^)..

then we all went to of my leader(AF) do a mtng with us(IF ONLY)..we mtng n mtng..suddnly i feel a pressure..very pressure..the leader said to me"far senyum mmg ta ikhlas mcm dibuat buat."..and i totaly shocked!omg!!!..idk if i really wrng or the leader like to prejudge me..other convrsation i accept..but about my smiling is not pure..i totally not agreed!sorry to say..because of that i totaly lost my mood n in a pressure..
omg!!!its 11:45pm!..i hve to to balik!!!! hostel is like hell!..smpai kat hostel pukul 12:15 am!..omg!!..i trus berlari g kat pakgad..rayu nk msuk..n dia ta bg..time tu i dh start nangis..dah la psl broadband tu lg..psl kena tegur senyuman i yg ta ikhlas ni..psl nk kene kejar pv lg..psl  everything!!!

so i called Mr Banker..hope he was here..but not..he outside..i nangis..hwaaaaaa!!!...i called suzi..nk tmpng tdur umh dia..dia kata okay..but lmbt skit dlm kol 2 am..okay ..i wait..

dlm keadaan yg serabut tu..i walk alone..i jln dpn uptown..alone..trus ke Gombak..yeah im crazy..i just wanna release my tension..thats all..jln punya jln..ta sdr dh smpai kat jln besar..jln r kaki trus ke diamond squre..dlm pjln tu..dah lah sejuk..ada anjing..sorng2..mcm2 r..but okay gk r..

alhamdullillah..i smpai gk kat diamnd..trus ni Mr Banker sent me a nt replied it..later2 r..

yeay dh smpai my hostel..i mandi+sidai kain+makan..jap agi lps zohor..i nk g ampng park..n make a police report..Mr Banker ta dpt temankn..dia balik kg..hmmm..tatau nk g ngan sapa..sorng la jwbnya..i don't mind go alone but  kena aware la..

okay lah..i nk siap n g ampng jap...doakan kejayaan i u!
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