Saturday, April 30, 2011

home sweet home!

hello ..This morning after finish watching movie at my laptop at 1am..
im sms with Mr Banker..saja tanya khabr..hampir setiap hari kami sms..ntah r..bosan tatau nk buat apa..bosan we sms..while we sms..i read novel..malay 2 in 1!..ahaha..i sit at balcony alone reading novel and sms with him..and listen to music ba..

i sleep at 3 am..and wake up at 8;20am!..omg im late!..actually i have go to college to attend drama event..for english subject..i quickly take a shower and i go to college with dayah and emma..
we go by cab!..

dah smpai ja..kami trus masuk dewan..tengok r drama..pergh!best giler!..i tabik giler ngan student2 yg wat drama ni..good actor!..sampai i n dayah nk nangis ja tngok...

then i have to balik awal coz i have to go home with my friend ara..yeah this is ara..she is uitm student at jalan semarak.kl..she is one of my bestfriend actually..rumah dia dekat je ha ngn i..blkang umh ja..hhee..her brother pick me up at 2:30pm..and we go for lunch..then sent me home..

i have called my mother this morning before i go to family are on the way go to Johor Bharu..and be back its mean just me and my brother at home..oh daddy left his car and money..because i wanna go out kot..huhu..

yeah dh smpai rumah..rindunya kat channel astro ni...ahaha..balik2 trus tngok astro..bls dendam!..hehe..miss giler tngok

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