Saturday, April 23, 2011

what happen today???

 hye guys..
yesterday after i finished my journal..not all lah..because im lack of idea..i  sign out my facebook account, my tagged account , my skype , yahoo mail and lastly im turn off my broadband and i planned i wanna straight away went to sleep..but i can't sleep..and im thinking..what should i do at this hour?..its 1am!..i have class tomorrow at 8 am...why lah i can't sleep..then i walked and went to the balcony..suddenly im thinking 'why don't i just called him?..maybe i feel sleepy after called him?..yeah good idea' i called Mr Banker..we talked and talked..until i feel boring + lah im just not boring at all when talking with u..i feel..great kot..hehe..
we both bebel until tatau nk ckp apa dah..lastly i said 'okaylah wanna sleep'..and we both end the conversation..

the next morning..i terlewat bangun..sedar2 dah pukul 7 am!..omg!!!..dh rushing...go to bath..take a shower..speedy shower!..ahaha..i take e-nutra as my breakfast..hehe..thanks to kak dila and dayah because wake me u guys!..

i and dayah catch a bus..we are so lucky..the bus is still there..yeah..(^U^)....

i have theory food class at this morning..i sent assignment to lecture..but she rejected my group assignment because there are something we have to re-do it again..we do it again and sent it to lecture...thanks to god..

i walked back home with dayah..urgh im so tired and sleepy..i want go to sleep..walk walk and walk..thanks to god i dah smpai hostel!..yeah..its time to sleep..tngah br je mau lelap mata..Mr Banker sms me..adoi br mau lelap mata gue..hmm..lyn r jap..oh he wanna borrow my laptop..but i can't give him because i have to finish my assignment ..then...part pressure tiba2 dtg..hmmmm..(no need to tell)..and everything is settle..

i go to office at 530pm..saja g awal..huhu..i meet jaja..then we meet naim & paan too..naim brings his mother to treatment..after that abg faiz come.followed by nabil and zam..
the other rest are not coming..they buzy fight to buy e-life!..hope they success!..tomorrow zam again go to kedah to settle his fight with his do nabil..but me?im just sit there and think..when is my time?..i want fight and buy e-life to..but i want fight with who?..hmmm..oh uncle!..i want call him and asked him about e-life..hope he want buy it..hopefully..insyaallah..

at 10:30pm like that r..we all walked and sent naim mother to monorel raja chulan..i and jaja balik hostel naik monorel gak and pit stop at chow i and jaja continue our journey..hehe..then we reached at chow kit..and i just know that we are not in same bus..she take that bus and i take this bus..after jaja take her bus..leave me alone at chow kit road..and i suddenly feel scared..i called Mr Banker..hope he ada kat umh..but dia ta i just called fizul..he picked me up..thnks to him alot..

well that what happen today..heehee..

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