Monday, April 18, 2011


Hye..its a very long time im not writing and update my blog.. too busy..yeah!im so busy!..busy with what?..hmmm..question?!..hehe..actually im doing part time job..job that I never dream of..yup its true..huhu..why I chose this job?..hmmmm..because I like it..and its very challenging..yes it is..for entire my life I never feel or face tough situation(life)..but with this job..i have and must face it..well the truth is Im in pressure..just imagined how my life is change from “hidup senang” to “hidup susah”..omg!!!!..a lot of thing I have to sacrifice..thats why la im said im in pressure life!..ahaha..
My parents doesn’t know that im doing part-time job..i doing like this because I want prove it to my family that I can do it and can manage my self without them..i know family is very important to us..but im doing this because I care and love my family..eventhough my family is in category of “hidup senang” always mintak duit from my daddy..what can I said is..i can get what I want..but when I do this job..i have learn something..something that realize me something about..’sampai bila aku mau bergantung kat family aku?’..’ asik minta duit ja?’..’asal ta da duit ja mnta kat daddy’..’ayah ,along nk duit(banyak kali kot!)’..hmmmm..(-_-)
Yeah that’s true..i know im still studying. .and im 19 years old!..but when I thinking about it very deeply..i want something new in my life..i want learn more about life..i want hidup cara susah..with this life..i can be a strong woman..i like thinking about future..its really extream!..thats one of the reason why I chose this part-time..
What part-time Im doing???jeng3!!..surprise..ahaha..its halal okay..
When im doing this part-time..i have meet a lot of new friends..
Abg Faiz , Kak Yus , Danil , Daus , Abg Erfan , wan,abe,nabil,zam,suzi,kak erna,kak emma,kak erli,fie,mickey, abg reza,hafis,eddy,izzat,kak asmah,aiman,kak nisa,faris, and many more!
They banyak bantu I dlm keje part – time ni..alhamdullillah..
Even im so slow..but not slow as siput in learning process!so fhm2 ja r..hehe..

Actually this is a community..the new friends I mentioned above is a group that I masuk..hehe..(positive thinking okay!)..they are happy go lucky and can makes friends..and acts as my brother and u guys know Im the eldest in my I don’t have any sister or brother..with them I can share anything I want..they are supporting and at the same time I learns something that I want in my life..yeah!..thanks to them a lot actually..
p/s: far tau,far bnyak buat slh dlm group ni..but the one things I know and I want is far betul2 mahu Berjaya like u please jngn jemu bimbing far..far percaya and yakin dngn group ni..yup im really sure of it..insyaallah...
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  1. ak nk gtau pak cik aziz...
    yg ank sulung die wt part time plk...
    hoho.. (nada jahat)

  2. ceh kau!
    diam2 sudah..
    t ku bg tau uncle jamalludin ank dia mnt lecture..ahaha(devil laugh!)..


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