Sunday, April 24, 2011

its saturday la..(^_^)

well to day yeah its saturday!im just spent my time at hostel..i woke up at..hehe...and i watch tv..hindustan! me he is good actor..its him fardeen khan..hehe..that movie is so funny..

around 6 pm..i call my daddy.because i really out of money..lunch hour im just ate sad..yeah my daddy bank-in money..hehe..thanks daddy love u..and i went to uncle deen restaurant and bought nasi+sayur+chicken..and extra sambal extra paid RM 5.00..ahahaa..just take away..
and i watch my favourite cartoon ..its 
shin chan!!!..ahaha,,its my favourite..i have all the comic..all chapter..not missed at all..hehe..

after that..i take a bath.i clear up my things..and  i read a novel..its long time im not read a kaki novel actually..malay english novel i read..i read this novel..its so funny and little bit..haahah!..klakar hbis novel ni..
baca tau!rugi ta baca..hehe..

and i wactch drama at touching + emosional drama..full of lesson..tajuknya 'Bila Azan Berkumandang'..pelakonnya mmg i mnt gila..its..
shahz jaszle..
handsome gila! crazy about him..not too crazy r tp blh r..

now the time is 12:17am..what i should do now?..question???..ahaha..maybe i should go to sleep..yeah thats rite..

okay i wanna go to sleep..good night all..
and special to him..good night syg!..take care..bye..(^_^)

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