Thursday, April 21, 2011

bad luck?


so whats up today?..

yesterday was my bad luck i think..because i have left my handbag at office!..n guess wht..what? stuff..all inside that bag..pergh..tension gila wei..dah r esoknya nk kena present..brng nk prsnt ada dlm beg ne leh trtinggal ni??persoalan?!..ahaha..i terover borak ngan mmbr i kat luar...not realise office dah apalagi?,,pdn r muka i!..ahaha..borak lg..kan beg dh tnggl..
so i balik with empty hand..i don't have anythning mmber sent me home..thanks to him..
when i reach at my hostel..the time was at 1 am ! i can't enter the hostel..its hostel rules..student can't enter the hostel after 12midnight..until 6 am br blh masuk..omg!
so wht i want to do ?
i call my mmbr..i just rmmber his number..aahaa..i tebalkan muka i ni g kat pak guard pnjm punya call he not answrng my call..omg!!..i feel mcm mau nangis ja! i just walk n went to restaurant..n sat there alone..n tdo r..after that i heard some voice that i really know..omg he was here!! im not alone..happy...thanks to him or his manja name MR BANKER!..ahah..i created that name for him..ahah..sesuai sngt!
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