Monday, April 25, 2011

no topic kot!aaaha

well...what topic today?
ahaha..teka2 r..

today is sunday la..what im doing today?
good question!..think think think!...
im just woke up at ... ssshhhh..hehe..keep as a secret..
hoho..after i woke up..i finished all my assignment..yeah happy..i complete it..just left one assignment left..never mind..i can do it later kot..then i feel boring..i want watching a movie..its quite long actually im not watching movie..i wanna watch movie 'Penunggu Istana' my housemate said its a so seram..ahaha..and best movie..its a based on true story..i ask my friend if they are free today..i asked Paan & Naim...also Mr Banker..
Paan & Naim wanna follow but they lacked of they can't make it..alright then..Mr Banker said okay he want we set the time..suddenly at evening the sky totally changed and rain what can i do is cancel dispnted actually but what can i do..just cancel it..i call Mr Banker and said cancel..I ask him to teman i dinner kat Periuk Belanga because i teringin sangat nk mkn Ais Jagung.he said okay..Later on after magrib i call him again and just wanna comform it..cuba teka apa dia jwb?
omg i think wanna kill him!
he at Star Hill with his so angry and upset with him..he broke his promise..sengal r!..i change my cloth and go to Periuk Belanga restaurant alone!..aahaha..tension! order Ais Jagung..mkn sorng2..ta de orng mau kacau!..ahaha..and i feel boring and really stress..i sms to him and said 'im very dsspnted with u'..later i call ila..we went to karok..ahaha..ladies night! guys! it! the 1st time i thnk i wanna overnight with her..but after karok i feel malas mau ov(overnight) i trus balik hostel..then Mr Banker sms me..said he very sorry..sorry naik lori r u!..ahaha..
but tu r..i ni jnis ta suka mrajuk i just maafkn dia r..dia  ajk i go karok n dia mau blnja and ov skali..ahaha..i said okay..but i ta nyanyi pun..sbb dh nyanyi ngn ila before..hohoho..

and now i with him at Hayaki..ov here..

alright then..its almost 6 am..i think i should go..i wanna sleep and have to woke up at 9 am..have to catch college bus at 10 am..ahaha..hopefully i can wake up at 9 am!.insyaallah..
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  1. but i not promise..i just said ok..huhuu
    thanks far...huuhu


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