Saturday, March 31, 2012

body builder?

mushi-mushi..happy morning what topic today?

can i be a body builder??can i?..can i have a muscle just like those guy?? wait! since when i like this kind of thing..ouch!!!
oh yeah..since im busy my self with realise something..i want to be like them..huhuhu..boleh ke girl mcm i nk ada body cm tu?..ahaha..tamau lah..its okay if im just keep my self in fitness..not a body builder..
yup its been 2 mnth im enter a gym at my first time ouh i feel i want to run away from there..but i can't..because i wanted to be there..i must and i have to..well days by days..i can make a room with myself in gym..wahh..cayalah far!..and im realise somthing that i kind of interested a guy who have muscle..awww<3<3< and very the hot tau!..eh3!!ni nk g gym nk exercise or nk exercise mata skali ni??
questions??i don't care kata smbil mnyelam mnum apalagi..ahahah..yup..i know some guys who are now be my frnds..we know each other thrgh this gym centre..rick n fiz are their name..yup they both are really handsome..and some guys that i really don't know their name but can recognize their face..
rick is totally talkative guy! do fiz..ila is one of my frnd said fiz face is similar with amir(hero vanilla n coklat)..and i way lah..but im kind of agreed with that statement..

first time we met..first word came out from rick mouth was 'kakak uncle g mana?''and i said kakak?ouchhh!!!!and thats how we be a frinds..these guy were totally klakar n first knl tp the way we talked mcm dh lama knl..hikhikhik..but they not always come to gym..huhuhu..nevermind lah..
sometimes i go to gym with ila..but most of the time i go doesn't matter actually..but its kind of lonely at there..beside uncle always bully me with doing somethng heavy..ahaha..nahhhh i don't mind kot..ahahah..sometimes have i can gossip with her..hikhikhik...
i don't like going gym at night..because too many guys..and too smelly! prefer going in the everning at 3 o 3;30 pm until 6 or 7pm everyday..yup thts my time..ta ramai org so sng n bebs skit..

in these 1 mnths and half i have lost 6kgs..alhamdullillah..i bet i want lost around 20 kgs within in a 5 i must lost in 14kg more..if god will..everything we can get what we want as long we work hard..everything will be fine..insyaallah..

how about my diet?hohohooooiii!!!at the first time it was really hard to me cntrl all my meal..but days by days..i can cntrl my diet..yeahh..happy..sometimes i will take rice..but most of the time i will take a bread o biscuits or other else but not a rice..
ada gak kdg2 tu gian nk mkn itu ini..yeah sure can..but still have to cntrl the quantity of it..and i take a fibre every morning..

now i know why all people said want fitness better go to slimming centre than a gym..bcause slimming is the faster way to be slimming than exercise but not last lasting..jeng3!!..even exercise is take a long time to get fitness but its healthy laaa..ta cpt naik if stop doing working hard and get smart and get healthy..

alright guys..we'll stop right here..i want take a bath and lunch..and the everning want to go to started my training..see yaaa..n misss yaa..

wink3 ^^
Best regards,

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Friday, March 30, 2012


apa khabar semua??baik sangat baik wooww!!..wah rindu pula ngn tagline ni...hikhihkihk..

its been a days im not update my blog..not opened my fb's nor tagged,skype,ym....huhu..these past days i have been in a hard u believe in love?i bet some will do and some will say fuck to it?..well its ur opinion to say what love it is..
to not believe in love heart is closed for love..i have locked my heart and throw away the key far far away from future if there is someone that find the key to opened back my heart..that guy i will choose it as my partner..insyaallah..
why im saying like this?..well this what i want to share with my readers..

now is my mid-term break..a week not going back to my hometown because i have training at im just stayed at my bet this holiday at hostel will be okay..but it turns around..its a disaster week in my holiday..huhuhu..

if u read my past story u will know why im talking like this..its about my bestfrnds that more a frnd to me..was my ex..after we were break up for unknown totally world was upside down..n im tryng to get up..yup i manage it but it really takes time..later im started to be just a frind with him..just a frnd..i dn't want to think about love anymore..
 my closed frnd gv me an idea how to be closed to him again..half of my heart said 'i don't want to..' but some the other said..'go far its ur oppurtinity to be closed back' realised or not im fllowd her plan..well at first i was set up my mind..just to be frind feelling was going well but its always sms and asked him to went out with me..went to gym,dinner,lunch..all what i received was a negative..he always said he already done ate lunch.lazy to went just said its alright..ouch its sound like im perigi cari timba? it?? is not just tryng..who knows get luck ^^..

two of his frnds told me that he is still loving me..and he always blamed himself for what happen between us..when im heard his frnds told me that..what will u thinkg?..yup a green light !..yeah i must go on with my plan..because i do i do still love him..and i want him back in my life..even im always pndm my prasaan for what he doing towards always said to myself..'calm down far'..

one day, we all,ila,jaja n hayaki..he sddnly called me to helped him to do his im just went at him n helped him..yup we can gelak2 like before..n im so relieved..yeahh..

the other day we overnight again..but just me.ila ,alan n 4 o 5 am like that he sddnly came to so shocked..ouch!..sddnly my heart feels likes to pump out!..i saw him out from a car..i think pesona or GEN that..i don't know where the hell he went to..alright time was 6 im with ila want went to tryng to talked with him..but he was angry with me..his expression and the way he talked to in a im leaved and i sddnly cryng..i feel so dumb..ila trying to bring a calmness to me..but im still cryng and cryng..niat far baik nk tegur tp kena mrh..sedih sngt2!!!

these past days i have received a sms from him..he told me that the name of missia is  a combination of his name and her new girlfrnd..when im read it..i was in doomed! crying and hands was head want to explode..if he already have someone why he told his frnd that he still loving me??why 3!!..that guy was  bloody hell shitt!!torturing my feeling..plyng with my feeling..who do u think u are? angle?..a god??..oh shit...!!..i called ila..lemah sngt far rasa..ta terdaya lagi..peritnya..sakitnya..semua tryng my best these whole 6 months..but the end im got heart so in heartbroken again..i told ila everything..

at night kak wawa n emma sddnly came to my room..because far trkntoi mngis n kak wawa saw me..far luahkan..smpai ngis2..ta thn rasanya hati ini dipermainkan smpai begitu skali..far menyesal sngt2 knl ngn laki tu..and yg pling far nyesal far bg hati far kat dia..ya allah..kalau blh diputrkn masa..far tamau jmpa n knl guy tu....

and now..yup far dh kunci hati far..far tamau buka dah..far dah fed up..far dh give up..sbb far jenis setia pd yg satu..far bkn sng2 nk jatuh cinta lagi..dh break up then couple..break up then not that  kind of girl..

dear future partner..please don't break my heart again..far manusia biasa yg punya hati and perasaan..far bukan robot..^^

Best regards,

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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

luahan perasaann !!!

apa khabr u all??far hrp u all semua sihat sejahtera ye..insyaallah..

semenjak menjak ni far tension sngt..smlm far meletop..perasaan far bercmpur baur..ta dpt nk fkir..rasa nk jert je..far berkongsi mslh ngn kak wawa n ema..ternyata berkesan juga..A+ r kt drg,,hikhikhik..

bnyk prob..psl classmate..psl kwn2..psl hdup..semuanya telah bersatu padu..mmbuatkan far rasa nk lari je n dah fed up dok sini..far tahu apa yg blaku ada hikmahnya..kan?

ceritanya mcm ni..
1) hari tu far ada buat meeting ngan housemate far..mcm biasa r meeting tu psl rumah lah..and ada housemate far ni cter psl far..kata far ni itulah inilah..far dngr je..lama2 bdn jd pns..menggigil..sejuk..far gnggam tngn ema sbb nk kekuatan..far tahu niat dia nk tegur far..boleh tegur tp cr dia mlm tu mcm nk cr gaduh..nk cr psl..far mlntng mlm tu..dlm hati far nk blng je krusi kat muka dia..biar dia far trdngr 2 org suara kwn far..iaitu dayah n ema..cuma dua suara ni aja far mmpu fkir n kmbali ke alam nyata..alhamdullillah kesabarn far mkn tinggi..far brsbr je..dh hbis meeting..far pergi kat bilik kak wawa..far ternangis dpn kak wawa,ema n nisa..sbb tekanan yg far alami..mereka beri far nasihat n mmg mnentng cr housemate far tgur far tu..tu bkn crnya nk tegur seseorng..ada cr lain..lama tu far dh okay r drg wt lwk lk..tergelak kami mlm tu..hehehe..hati?..far hnya mmpu bersbr..biarlah org nk kata apa psl far..ckplah..far ta ambil pduli..mulut org mmg ta leh diam n mmg ta leh nk tngok org senng skit..biarlah msg2 dh bsr..

2)yg kedua lak psl kwn yg far plng syg skali..yg pnh bertahta di hati far..yg smpai skrng far msh syg kat dia lagi..ta pnh pudr pun kasih syg tu..far terdengar beberapa crita krg enk psl dia melalui kwn far..mula2 tu far dngr je kwn far cter..okay far mmg ta amk psng lah tntng apa yg kwn far ckp psl dia tu..sbb far percayakan dia..far fkir posotive je psl dia..mmg hati kata dia ta buat bnda2 tu semua..6 bln dh rasa mcm br je bergurau senda ngn dia..

3)yg ketiga pula..psl kwn far g tahu far srh brubh sbb prangai far mcm budak2..haiyaiiii!!..dia pn ada kata prangai far cm tu..kwn yg srg ni pn kata far cm tu..dia srh far brubh skit..dia ckp if nk guy tu blk..brubah lah skit..mcm2 lah kami borak mlm tu kat mali;s corner..far dngr..ada far far fkir posotive lah..

4)ada lak clasemate far nk mmg far grm tol lah..kalau call tu mmg ta angkat..sms ta reply..far nk tnya psl kelas pn ssh..smpai naik grm n tention lak ngn dia..dia leh lk sms far..tnpa rasa serba slh..far pndm lagi..

5)far ni trlampau baik sbb dngr n ikut je kemahuan org evn physical n mental far tengh pnt sngt2..sbb nk jaga hati n prasaan pnya psl far snggup ketepikan apa yg far bila turn far nk mnta tlg ta da srng pn yg blh tlg far..knapa ak?..mula2 mmg far ta amk lama2 rasa mcm tunggul terhormat lak kn..

apa yg blaku kat far..far bnyk pndm demi nk jaga prasaan msg2..far rela berkorban..entah mengapa smlm bnda2 yg kecil yg far dh lpskn bermain di mnda far..mmbuatkn far rasa nk jerit n rimas sngt2..yg far ta thn drg kata far nk mcm bdk2..ada ta drg fkir sesuatu..misalnya..far ada group ni..ada pngkt abg n kakak..semuanya ats umur 20..far je br 20..if dlm group tu srng ta grk semuanya ta jln kan??betul ta?..far yg berssh pyh mnjlnkn projek tu..sms n kmfmkn plan kami u all ada fkr ta??if prngai bdk2 ada ke nk fkir n bergerk mcm org dewasa??ta da kan??melainkn ada org dewasa yg beri jaln n tnjuk ajr br bdk2 ni tahu buat keje..far ta slhkn group ni far ni cnth je..
dh bnyk kali dh far rasa cm ni..cuma tu  pendam je..haiiyaiii..

tp tu lah kpd org2 yg kata far ni prngai mcm budak2 sorry to say lah..kau yg bdk sebenarnya..sbb apa??kau pengecut!ta brani mcm aku!!nk jmpa pn ssh!!ego kau tnggi!!kau yg bdk2 bkn aku!!..kau jngn ingt kau kwn ngn org yg tua2 kau blh kata kau tu dh mtng..yg kau tu bkn way lah..ta smestinya kau tu mtg..okay!..

kat umh pn mcm rasa tunggul terhormat..biaarlah dia nk buat apa pun..yg psti far nk tngok apa jd kat dia t..far bkn jenis pndndm tp lama2 blh jd gk..ahahah..hish2 dendam ni ta baik..mntk dijauhkan..
wahh leganya hati far ni..lega sngt2,,dpt luahkn semua yg far rasa nk luahkn..

Best regards,

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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Cry On My Shoulder..

If the hero, never comes to you

If you need someone, you're feeling blue
If you wait for love, and you're alone
If you call your friends, nobody's home
You can rum away, but you can't hide
Through a storm and through a lonely night
Then I'll show you there's a destiny
The best things in life, they are free

But if you wanna cry: cry on my shoulder
If you need someone, who cares for you
If you're feeling sad, your heart gets colder
Yes I show you what real love can do

If your sky is grey oh let me know
There's a place in heaven, where we'll go
If heaven is, a million years away
Oh just call me and I'll make your day
When the nights are getting cold and blue
When the days are getting hard for you
I will always stay by your side
I promise you, I'll never hide

But if you wanna cry: cry on my shoulder
If you need someone, who cares for you
If you're feeling sad, your heart gets colder
Yes I show you what real love can do

But if you wanna cry: cry on my shoulder
If you need someone, who cares for you
If you're feeling sad, your heart gets colder
Yes I show you what real love can do  

dear friend..i hope u read my blog..n hear this song..hear it..
cry on my it at u tube.. ^^

Best regards, 

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Friday, March 9, 2012

hish hish hish..kesiannya..hohoiiii

holla u guys..apa khabar??far hrp u all sihat begitu juga dngn family u apa cer u all minggu ni???..mesti best kn..

far nk tanya u all ni..apa maksud blog??..kita menulis ni nk srh org baca ke or just nk private kan..or just sbgai diary tmpat luahan hati u all je??ha pndpt far tujuan far buat blog ni sbb nk tulis and share apa yg far rasa n alami je..terpulng lah if nk baca or ta..trpulng la if nk comment or ta..far ta kisah tu r sesetengah manusia ni ta fhm apa itu berblog..haiyaiii ssusah ne ek nk bg drg fhm??ahaha..tepuk dada tanya selera..ahaha...

daaa okay r u all..stkt ni je r..far ta da mood ni...hhuhu..

Best regards,

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Friday, March 2, 2012

Lollipop Day !!!

holla u all..apa tu lollipop day??ahaha..sbnarnya ta da apa pun..its just LOL je..far tmbh r LOLlpop!!..eheh..

smlm far n kwn far g mandi kolam air panas kat Selayang..slm pkul9pm cm tu kami bertolak..far,jaja,ila,hairi n izzat..kami berlima g sana ngn menaiki kereta..perjalan ke sana??ahaha..sesat siiihhh..msng2 lupa jln..ronda kami satu bndr tu..akhirnya jmpa gk..yeayyhh..hati ta sbr nk mndi ni..

dh siap tkr baju..kami pn mandi r..huhu..selalu kalau terjun org kata kami terjun kami kata panassssnnyyyaa..heehe..dh nama pun kolam air kali kedua far gitu..mlm2 ramai lak org..ada pakcik makcik..ada org muda..lg lwt mlm lagi rmai org muda..alahaiii ^^..
dlm pkul 12 cm tu kami destination was ICT shah alam..tiba2 hp far berbunyi..adik far sms mntk duit..far pun okay je bank jap tp ta jmpa n kami pun g r UITM Shah Alam..dkt je ngn ICT tu ha..dah settel bg dia duit blh lak si ayie ni ckp kat izzat 'bro jaga kakak aku ni'..haiyaii bertuah punya adik...
yeah dh smpai ict pun...ta ramai org dh..maklul r dh pkul 1 am...hehe..kami bergmbr aja..

ni far ngn jaja

ni lak ila


ila n hairi..

kat sini je kami amk gmbr..kat kolam air pns ta pun..msng2 sebuk mndi..hehe....

then kami g mkn..huhuhu..otw blk KL...kami g merayau -rayau dulu..izzat n hairie bwk kami yg girl ni tengok pondan2 yg bersiar-siar cr customer..omg lawa2 gila..n geli lak far tengok..haiyaaiii!! lah KL mcm2 ada..ahah..tngok secar LIVE lak tu...
msng2 dh kepenatan kami pn plng..

maybe lagi 2 weeks far g tg malim kot..mandi air terjun..adik angkat izzat ajk far..far ada ajk jaja,ila n ema..insyaallah if okay kami pergilah....daaaaa <3 ^^

Best Regards,

Best regards,

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Thursday, March 1, 2012


Tajul Muluk begitu sinonim dalam astrologi zaman silam,khususnya dlm masyarakat Melayu dalam menafsirkan watak-watak wanita, mimpi, hari yg baik dan terjemahan lain dalam kehidupan sehari-hari. Kini, kitab Tajul Muluk yg pernah terkenal suatu tika dahulu amat sukar dicari. Namun cebisan ilmunya masih diperturunkan oleh mereka yg arif mengenainya. Ia adalah untuk pengetahuan dan pembacaan semata2 dan bukanlah sebagai kepercayaan 100%.
Di sini diperturunkan tafsiran dari Kitab Tajul Muluk mengenai tabiat wanita dalam seminggu hari kelahiran mereka.

  1. ISNIN
Wanita ini bersikap jujur, tidak mudah menggelabah atau panik, berhati-hati, tidak mudah mengalah, pandai menjaga diri dan pergaulan. Ramai teman lelaki dan wanita yang menyukainya.Dia juga mudah memberi pertolongan, cergas, berusaha kuat, teliti dan pandai menguruskan kewangannya. Namun jika marah berapi-api dan menakutkan, jarang mahu mengaku kalah dalam pertengkaran. Dalam percintaan, dia mencurahkan kesetiaan tidak berbelah bagi dan sedia berkorban. Seksualnya kurang membara melainkan pasangannya pandai mencari tempat rangsangannya.

Tabiat wanita ini suka mencari salah orang lain dan berpotensi menduakan suami. Namun pertuturannya lembut dan pandai mengambil hati.Apabila tidak sukakan seseorang, sentiasa mencari kesalahannya, hatinya keras dan sukar dilembutkan. Tetapi mudah mengaku kalah dan mudah meminta pertolongan orang lain. Pandai simpan rahsia, hanya orang tertentu saja tahu rahsianya. Keputusannya tidak mantap dan mudah terpengaruh. Dia juga mudah terperangkap dalam banyak hal.Dalam soal kewangan dia pandai berjimat, tak kedekut. Dia rajin bekerja, ada tanggungjawab, suka dipuji tetapi perlukan bimbingan dan pengawasan dalam banyak perkara.

  • RABU
Suka berdendam.Jika ada orang berbuat jahat padanya, dia akan berbuat lebih jahat lagi pada orang itu. Namun dia pandai dalam pergaulan, pandai mengambil hati dan pandai menghargai orang. Suka mementingkan teman dari dirinya sendiri. Berfikiran terbuka, tak pandai simpan rahsia, tidak suka diperintah dalam bekerja. Keputusannya tidak seimbang, kurang pengalaman. Hatinya keras dan tidak mudah termakan pujuk. Hanya orang2 tertentu saja yang tahu melembutkan hatinya. Dalam soal kewangan, dia pandai cari duit tapi tak pandai simpan duit. Cintanya pandang pertama dan rela berkorban kerana cinta. Seksualnya tinggi dan kuat, romantik ditempat tidur dan pandai berasmara.

Dia suka menyinggung hati orang lain, cakapnya kesat, kemahuan kuat, dan bersikap agresif. Rajin dan tekun bekerja, tak suka diganggu ketika bekerja, bercita-cita tinggi. Boleh terpikat kepada lelaki lain walaupun sudah ada kekasih atau suami. Namun dia tak mudah jatuh cinta, suka menyelidik dahulu sebelum bercinta. Hatinya tidak tetap, mudah terpedaya dengan pujuk rayu sehingga tak kenal antara yg baik dan buruk. Dia pandai mengurus dan merancang kewangan. Pada awal perkahwinan, tunduk pada suami, akan berubah apabila sudah lama berkeluarga. Seksualnya tinggi, jika tak pandai mengawal nafsu boleh terdorong ke lembah hina.

Wanita yg lahir pada hari ini tabiatnya berani menentang suami. Bangga diri, suka berbelanja, suka dipuji, suka bergaul dan suka melakukan perkara yang merbahaya dan sia-sia. Bersemangat waja, pandai simpan rahsia, tak suka mengaku kesalahan sendiri. Dalam soal kewangan, bersikap boros dan tak pandai simpan wang. Cintanya sejati dan tidak mudah berubah, cuma kadangkala tidak telus.Seksualnya sangat teristimewa,menyeronokkan, penuh kelembutan tetapi apabila dingin tak suka dipaksa.

Kuat cemburu, suka kebendaan, tak gemar dengan anak-anak, suka bertikam lidah. Namun dia tegas pendirian, cerdas pemikiran, teliti dalam banyak hal. Tidak pernah berasa puas, suka berkorban apa saja demi mencapai cita-cita. Apabila bercinta, suka menyelidik latarbelakang pasangan dan suka menguji. Pandai berjimat dan sentiasa berfikir untuk masa depan. Wanita ini akur dan mengikut perintah suami. Seksualnya agak dingin, tetapi apabila bermula, seksnya kuat dan tahan lama, tidak tergesa2 dan dilakukan dengan kelembutan.

  • AHAD
Wanita yg lahir pada hari ini kebiasaannya sukakan kemewahan dan menunjuk2 diri. Apabila bersuami taat pada suaminya namun suka merendahkan kawan dan bersikap bangga diri. Dia tidak suka dengar nasihat, mudah terpedaya dengan kata2. Suka mengkritik orang tetapi tidak suka orang mengkritiknya. Percintaannya tidak telus tetapi sanggup berkorban apa saja jika hati dah suka. Pandai simpan rahsia, rajin berusaha dan bekerja, tak mudah mengalah namun bersikap pemboros. Rangsangan seksualnya tinggi tapi apabila tak dapat kepuasan cari jalan lain

ha u all jngn taksub sngt ngn benda hanyalah sebagai pemahaman kita2 aja..nk tahu kita lahir pd hari apa?..kita kena tkr dulu harijadi kita n tahun sekali mengikut kalendar islam tau..then br tahu hari apa yg kita lahir..g je kat web ni ( u all tukar masehi ke hijrah..then u all blh tahu..selain dr itu u all jgk blh tahu hal2 rahsia yg lain gk..g je kat link ni..( sini bnyk lagi yg kita blh tahu mengenai diri kita ataupun psngan kita tu r kita jgn taksub sngt..kita jgk blh senyap2 terokai dunia peribadi kwn2 kita..shhhh..tau..huhuhu... :)
far and kawan far secara ta lngsung ingin menerokai dunia rahsia kami pun taip r psl tajul muluk ni..kami gk tahu serba sedikit mengenai kwn2 kami n ada yg betul and ada yg just sbgai pemahaman apa tunggu lagi..jom buat.. <3 ^^

Best regards,

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