Saturday, March 31, 2012

body builder?

mushi-mushi..happy morning what topic today?

can i be a body builder??can i?..can i have a muscle just like those guy?? wait! since when i like this kind of thing..ouch!!!
oh yeah..since im busy my self with realise something..i want to be like them..huhuhu..boleh ke girl mcm i nk ada body cm tu?..ahaha..tamau lah..its okay if im just keep my self in fitness..not a body builder..
yup its been 2 mnth im enter a gym at my first time ouh i feel i want to run away from there..but i can't..because i wanted to be there..i must and i have to..well days by days..i can make a room with myself in gym..wahh..cayalah far!..and im realise somthing that i kind of interested a guy who have muscle..awww<3<3< and very the hot tau!..eh3!!ni nk g gym nk exercise or nk exercise mata skali ni??
questions??i don't care kata smbil mnyelam mnum apalagi..ahahah..yup..i know some guys who are now be my frnds..we know each other thrgh this gym centre..rick n fiz are their name..yup they both are really handsome..and some guys that i really don't know their name but can recognize their face..
rick is totally talkative guy! do fiz..ila is one of my frnd said fiz face is similar with amir(hero vanilla n coklat)..and i way lah..but im kind of agreed with that statement..

first time we met..first word came out from rick mouth was 'kakak uncle g mana?''and i said kakak?ouchhh!!!!and thats how we be a frinds..these guy were totally klakar n first knl tp the way we talked mcm dh lama knl..hikhikhik..but they not always come to gym..huhuhu..nevermind lah..
sometimes i go to gym with ila..but most of the time i go doesn't matter actually..but its kind of lonely at there..beside uncle always bully me with doing somethng heavy..ahaha..nahhhh i don't mind kot..ahahah..sometimes have i can gossip with her..hikhikhik...
i don't like going gym at night..because too many guys..and too smelly! prefer going in the everning at 3 o 3;30 pm until 6 or 7pm everyday..yup thts my time..ta ramai org so sng n bebs skit..

in these 1 mnths and half i have lost 6kgs..alhamdullillah..i bet i want lost around 20 kgs within in a 5 i must lost in 14kg more..if god will..everything we can get what we want as long we work hard..everything will be fine..insyaallah..

how about my diet?hohohooooiii!!!at the first time it was really hard to me cntrl all my meal..but days by days..i can cntrl my diet..yeahh..happy..sometimes i will take rice..but most of the time i will take a bread o biscuits or other else but not a rice..
ada gak kdg2 tu gian nk mkn itu ini..yeah sure can..but still have to cntrl the quantity of it..and i take a fibre every morning..

now i know why all people said want fitness better go to slimming centre than a gym..bcause slimming is the faster way to be slimming than exercise but not last lasting..jeng3!!..even exercise is take a long time to get fitness but its healthy laaa..ta cpt naik if stop doing working hard and get smart and get healthy..

alright guys..we'll stop right here..i want take a bath and lunch..and the everning want to go to started my training..see yaaa..n misss yaa..

wink3 ^^
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