Sunday, April 8, 2012

oh my saturday !

Hello guys..

how are u guys? ur life? yesterday all my planning was upside the story..

i and my frnd woke up early in the morning..the reason was i want to renew my driving license at JPJ at Wangsa Maju..we went there by!..the JPJ office was closed i asked uncle taxi to brought us to HKL..i want doing medical check up!..yup..the office closed too..
so we decided to went to Carefour and Wangsa Walk..its a long long time we both not going there..we went there by bus..
at Carefour..we paid electric bil..then have a window shopping..walking there..went in and out from the shop..and we bought something!!ahaha..then we had lunch at Deli restaurant..

then we walked to Wangsa Walk..there we just window shopping..and i saw someone..omg!!..they ate at kopitiam..i went there at kopitiam and surprise them..ahah..gotch! was my uncle malik and his daughter..hehehe..we hang out with them..and they took us to Star Hill..uncle have worked at his boutique at Sungai we and his daughter hang out together and shopping..sofea is her name..she quit little bit active girl..and talkative too..she just 10 years we were busy window shopping..i saw someone that i admire ..who is he?jeng3!!!..its shaheizy sam...omg he is soo handsome..

at 8 pm something we went home..we were so tired lah..
what a saturday day lah..planning want do that thing..but the end doing other else..but nvm lah..

here is my uncle boutique..Fusion..guy cloths wear..

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