Thursday, December 9, 2010


Hye..i don’t know why tonight I really emotional..
I suddenly cry for no reason..i don’t know whats wrong with me…..
This morning at the bus..when I sleep and listening to songs using my earphone..i suddenly think about death..DEATH!!!..I really don’t know thinking about it over and my condition when I it worse or ????? ….its really scare me..
Ya allah..whats wrong with me actually???..why I suddenly thinking about death??? I going to die tomorrow??? it??..even it is true..i just want to say to my parents and family..please forgive me..i know im not a good and kind mom..thanks for give  me birth..because of u I can know the world..can breath the air..can know my friends and many more..thanks mom u r great person!....for dad..thanks to you too because of you I can live in this world..for my brothers and sister..please forgive me if I have done anything wrong to you..i wish you guys will success in your life..get a good result..get a good university..get a good job..get a great family..insyaallah….if I no longer live in this world..i just want you to know..i really miss you all and I will not forget you..please don’t forget me u!
To my friends..please forgiven me..i know I not a kind person to you guys..i just be what I am..just be myself..i wish to all my friends good luck in your life..every moment we spent together I remember  each of it..please don’t forget me..
For my ex housemate A12-13A..i want you to know that im actually already forgive all your mistakes..i really lucky because I have friends like you guys..i remember when we first time met..we really don’t know each other..after that we became closer and like a family..u such a great friends of mine..we spent together all the time..we eating together , laughing and be kick – out together from the house ( B8-17)..ahahaha..its so funny that time..and that start the scene..when we moved to A12-13A..we started became not closer than before..and …..hmmmm…but whatever it is..thanks for being my friends..i really miss you guys..and I will keep our memory till the end of the year..i hope you guys will find what you want to be..insyaallah..every human have second change…

( T_T)….

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