Saturday, December 18, 2010


Hye.. Tonight I at balcony..looking at the beautiful  it is..its bring full of feeling..full of passion! How lucky im tonight..hehe….but…. no matter how calm it doesn’t makes me feel  light..
 is this call friend ???? argh !!!!
Tension stress sad … could u do this to me ?? whats wrong with u ?? or am i wrong ?? before this we really happy being together..laughing..eating..walking..going to college together..sleeping together.. all we do it together..but what now! I fell like we are so so so far we are stranger..
One by one..
my friend are leaving me..why ???
before this my ex housemates was leaving me..some were quit from college, some were further studies at their place , some..some..some..hmmmmm (-_-)

ah just forget about it..don’t want to think about it..its their life not my life!
So get lost!  Don’t bother me sick about it..lets just think about my life..focus on me me me me me!!!!
Yeah think about me is better..much much much much better!!!!!

Can somebody take me far away from here?????

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