Thursday, December 2, 2010

( '_')!!!

Hye…in this few days..almost every night I’ll texting with Mr J..he is nice guy..i really likes him..he always give me advise..sharing stories about his life and my life..he is one of my foreigner good friends..he is from Iran..i met him at college,,we were in same class and same group..but now he changed his college to another college..
And one day..while we texting..he sent me this sms..he said that he likes me..and im his good friend so shock..and I like his statement!
Hehe..eventhough he is not muslim..he is not rude at all..he is nice person and kind….i never hope or dream that one fine day he will with me..i mean in relationship with him..never never never think like that..if really  we want it that way..i will accept him..(^_^)..

Hmmmm…but sometimes I often thinking about that guy..(I mean that guy..not mr j!but the other guy) are you?what are you doing?.....huhuhu..(T_T)….

STOP IT!  Let it be…let it be…

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