Wednesday, December 22, 2010


I really miss MR J!
A lot..what happen to him???
Why he not call me neither text me??
Why he not replied my sms??
Should i go find u..???
If I could..i will find u..
Almost everyday I look u at fb..just at fb..
Uh!..i really miss him..what should I do??
(T_T)…why oh why …
Why u change? Atleast tell me..dnt do this to me..
I really happy when we texting..serius I said..i really happy..
But..its nt lst frvr..its jst tmpry..

Did u know??
This evng…at college..i think I saw u..yeah its u..ur smile..ur body..ur face..almost like u..but when I came closer and closer and looks very carefully..its not u!
Ive got wrng prsn!..ya allah…
When I eat,I think of u..
When I walk, I think of u..
When I sleep, I think of u..
When i..
When i..
When i..
When i..
Arghhh!!!!  ITS ALL ABOut u..
U U U U ..!!!!!

There anther guy wants couple with me..
He smart person..he really likes me..
And he wants me to be his lover..
I do I want accpt him..but deep inside in my heart.. said that I can’t accpt him.. I dnt knw y..but I really can’t accpt him or anther guy..
Maybe I really like u..maybe..
Dear MR J..if u read this..i think u nt read it..because u dnt knw that ive blog..
I just want u to knw that..i really like u..
And u dnt knw actlly my feeling to u..
Im jst be at one side…its really sad u knw..
Im so envy with othr couple..they r so sweet..

Come on gal..i know u r strng gal..keep on!
Lets rock the world!!

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