Tuesday, December 21, 2010


Hye again..
yesterday yesterday yesterday..
its supposed to be tomorrow tomorrow n tomorrow..
i came back to KL by was long journey..actually this was my first time using that machine..i mean i used it before but with my friends..but yesterday..just me alone..
from my home at sepang, my father sent me to ERL at Kota Warisan. i bought a ticket..guess what the price???
its RM12.50 ..uh! its expnsive! but affdble..hehe..the pitstop at KL Sentral..Then ive to changed it to anther machine..AHAHA..why lah i called it machine???
yeah its a machine..moving machine!
then i fell likes i want watch a movie..
so i call my friends and set the time and place..
lucky my hostel is near to Wangsa we were going to Wangsa Walk..
we watched HARRY POTTER part 1..its really great movie!
hehe..too much of suspend and at the same time can get heart attack!!
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