Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Oh pizza time!

...i woke up at 7:30am..its too early..why i must woke up this hour???..hehe..because i want make pizza..for my roomate, mas..she said she want yesterday after i went for a lunch with my family at Pizza Hut we went to Tesco for a shopping..there i bought for a making pizza..luckily i remember the ingredients..cheff la katakn..mesti ingat!

so i prepared the mom doing uli2 one..ahah..coz i ta suka main uli2 ni..after that..i started doing pizza..then i remember Mr Banker..why don't i just gave him??hurm..okay! 10:30am i finshed doing pizza..wah so tired!..i went upstairs and prepared my things to went to KL..yeah dh siap mandi..make up pun dh..brg2 pun dah..hehe..
so i called my brother to sent me at ERL Kota Warisan..time is running..

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