Saturday, May 7, 2011

what happen on friday...

what happen today?
yeah good question..
i woke up this morning and check my handphone..i have a sms!..
from who?..i checked the name and read the sms..OMG!,,,
why he said like that at me? could he!..
hmmm..there goes my really bad mood!..i feel like im a looser..
i went to bath and get ready to went to college..i have class this morning..
in the bus..i sms Mr Banker..i don't know with who i wanna share my problem..i told him everything..
luckily Mr Banker helped me..thanks dear..i really appreciate it..

the whole day im not in a good mood..i got pening kepala!..berdenyut-denyut kepala i..oh no..

so in the evening i went to home..i went there using machine..hehe..dengan kepala yg masih sakit..i balik juga..

From LRT Wangsa Maju..i went to KL Sentral..then take ERL went to Salak Tinggi..
wait for my mom to took head really sick!..

'where was my mom?..dah la pening kepala ni".....yeah dh smpai pun my mom ni..

sampai ja umh..trus mandi n solat...trus  zzzzzzzzzzzzz...

hp mati..kedit celcom dh hbis..tnggal maxis ja..tu pun sms ja
biar ja r..

yg ku pasti ku mau tenangkn dri..

mlm tu Mr Banker kami bersms..kurng skit stress aku..
lyn r dia..then i kol dia pkai number rmh..

pkul 12 a dh tdo..ngntok la..dlm kol 3 i trjaga..hp i berbunyi..ada sms..
oh yana and Mr Banker bg sms..

Mr Banker said 'gudnite ..sweet dream'..i read then i went to sleep balik..ahaha..

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