Saturday, February 19, 2011


hello there..

these past few days..i have join this one not officially in this group actually..not sign in yet..hehe..but its quite interesting..i think..

at the first time i join this group was last week..i have no idea what is it..i just go and try to join this group..well serius im say..i don't like involve in any group or any member club..i don't know why..huhu

these group member that i met was very great n happening!..hehe..i really enjoy my time with them...

we went to played a bowling at Time Squre..its a long long long time im not played bowling..
so im very ackward!

thanks to abg faiz , abe , mas ,jannah , kak yus , fiezam , daus , danil , izzat , and many more..u guys are great!.
thanks ..
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