Thursday, January 5, 2012

내가 의사가 필요 해요! ..( i need a doctor!)


i need a me a doctor..

okay why im saying i need a doctor??..actually my tangan bengkak!!i don't know who or what the hell that thing bite me..and makes my hand become swelling!ouch sakitnya..

yesterday when i woke up in the morning..i noticed that something was not right at my hand..i checked it..aiiiigoooo!!!its was so big!..and itchy ..and yesterday night when im want to hand become bigger..and it was so called dayah even we are in the same house!,,hehe..dayah n mas tlg far ni ha..lap ngn air garam..

this mrning when i woke  hand still the same just the size become smaller..and i want go to HKL  to check it..
i went alone aja..hohoiiiii...

at HKL..i have to take angka giliran and segalak tu semua..n im wnder r ramai orng ta suka nk g hosp kerajaan sbb service slow..+__+..ouch!..okay i get my number..n have to waiting nurse calling my name to see a doctor..okay here goes my check and asking me how this happen..i explain it all..and doctor ask me to go blood test and take a injection..and i went there..ouch sakitya!!..drh ku dh keluar..drng dh amik..heheheee..dh siap amik drh kena lak antr drh tu kat makmal lak...waiting..waiting..yeah i got my blood test result!..and kena g inject far g je r kat bilik 3..tnggu lah jap..okay nurse dh call..far pn msuk r bilik tu..for the first time in my life far kena inject kat ass!..ouh shit!..malunyaaa...nsib baik nurse prmpuan..huhuhu..dh kena inject kat bwh tu..g jmpa doc blk..and doc bg g r far masi amik ubt..amik angka giliran lg..haiiiyaaaiii ari ni far main number je mmnjng !...bnyk nya ubt far dpt..hauyaaaiiii..ada 4!..then far blh lak tanya brapa ye semua?mk byr kat ne ye?..n org tu naik pelik..ta yh byr..far maklum r first satu je r klebhn kerajaan ni..ubt free!..hehehee..okay r syg..far nk g korea jap..daaa
salam syg!
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