Monday, June 13, 2011

13 June 2011


today is my 1st day of semester 4..1st subject this morning is English..i woke up this morning and i felt so so so sleepy n little bit lazy..well cuti panjangkan..
My lecture for english subject is Mr Kamal Aiman..yeay he was my lecture in sem 3...after finished the class..
i called Mr Banker..he at E-one bank...alone..he i went there..but he was not alone..Mas Fizul & Daniel also with him..I coming with we all sitted and started chatting..3 guys 3 guys..what do u expecting?..3 couples..3 dates..ahaha..what i know is among us only have 1 couple..there are Fizul & Mas..Mr Banker Me Dayah & Daniel are not dating..are we???..well don't know lah~~

wahhh 2 pm already!..i and Dayah have class..Principle Management class..the lecture was okay lah..

at hostel..kak linda wanna cooked something for Berbuka Puasa..opps!forget to my housemate puasa sunat..some pusat ganti & some puasa cooked fried meehoon..kak linda cooked cekodok..she gives some to Daus..well what can i say she doing that kuih because Daus want the sweet~~~...

it was Azan already..we drank water only..then we doing maghrib prayer together..and kak linda hp was ringing..its sms!..guess from who??..hehe..from daus..he said Selamat Berbuka Puasa~~..wah so sweet that guy! waiting him to wish me that..but nothing we all started prayer..after finished prayer..i put my telekung & sajadah at my room..and i saw my hp was lighting!..i have sms..but from who??..i opened it..wahhh~~~from Mr Banker la..i though he want said Selamat Berbuka Puasa..but..

Mr Banker : uits..what are u doing?
Far : i thought u want said Selamat Berbuka Puasa to me..hmm...just finish prayer and now want to eat..
Mr Banker : ok..send my regards to ur housemate..Selamat Berbuka Puasa..and this thursday we fasting together ok..
Far : insyaallah..we fasting together..
Mr Banker :  ok2..i think i want  fever 1st then we sms again..

so i continue eating..suddenly my hp ringing..have sms!..Mr Banker sms..oh gosh!..he have problem..when i read his sms..i feel so sad..he told his problem to me..and i give him support..i feel like i in same boat with malay always said cubit peha kiri peha kanan terasa juga..thats wht i feel..don't worry dear..everything will be just here with u..always~~..

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