Friday, June 10, 2011

strange feeling~~~~

Today far teman Mr Banker g college..dia mahu dftr sub..after that..dia ajk tengok wayang..

so kami g Time Squre..dlm monorel..mak aii!!..pack like sardine! yg far ta suka ni..rimas giler..berhimpit gk!..dh smpai ja kat Time Squre..kami bli tiket kami tengok cter KL Gangster..
okay r gk cter ni..even far ni mmg ta mnt sngat r cter malay mcm ni..but not bad r..i like lak..kami 1st time amk kls premier punya..semua double seat..tmpat pun okay..

dh hbis cter tu..kami g mkn..then hang out dh pnt..kami balik..naik monorel again..packed lg!..rimas!..eventghough rimas..but when spent time with doesn't rimas at all..

* don't know why..i feel so special,,my heart always keep beating!..
at the 1st time i thought it is just mainan perasaan..suddenly i feel uneasy feel..
rasa ta sdp i call my parents..because they on the way to Perak..but they already arrived..alhamdullillah..but why i feel so so so starnge n uneasy feeelings???..hurm...i don't know what exactly happen??..well...

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