Tuesday, June 21, 2011

happy hanya sementara~~~

salam n good evening guys~~~

19 jun 2011..while i watched movie at my laptop with Kak Linda & Kak handphone was ringing..sms!..oh..he sent me sms..and suddenly asked me something..'do u serius wanna couple with me?'..i read it over & over he serius?..i showed his sms at that time my feeling was so so happy!..yeah..because this is my 1st time..i never be in this situation..then i replied his sms..i said..'why u suddenly asking me?'..& he replied..'im serius'..i said im scared of something..he said what..i said i scared if u just wanna played with my feeling &  abandon me..& he explain it..he said something...& i said OMG!!!I CAN'T BELIEVE IT...fuck! so so dissapointed..i sat at balcony..& im cried..Dayah tried to pujuk i..but im still heart like ditikam banyak kali..bertapa sakitnya hati..later..i went to slept..but i can't slept at all..

I woke up..i went so not in class..he sms me..said 'good morning'..but i couldn't replied his sms..i ta snggup..i just biar ja sms tu..when i ate..once again he sent me sms..but i still not replied it..for what i replied his sms..after i prayer zuhur at surau..i pray to god..i said..please give me strength to face this class..suddenly i got strength..lecture was teaching...but i sms..i sms him..said everything that i want..he replied..then he said 'we still BFF right?..i just said on..eventhough my heart still hurt..but i don't want lost him..then i realised something..he want me to be his BFF..Is it 
hahaha..think la~~~~

when i met him..i feel so strange..feel ackward..maybe for what happen to us before..hmmm..what i know is..i mmg kecil hati ngan dia for wht if he still around me or not i really don't care..not like before..when he is not around me i feel so ta keruan..ta pa r..biar r..better i go n find someone i want do everything without him..i don'T want my feeling be playing again..its so hurt..

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