Tuesday, January 18, 2011

While I was watching Hindustan movie at Zee Tv(at Astro!) handphone was was strange because  the caller number was long and was not Malaysia number..hmmm..who was it?i think..i answered the call..and..omg!..i knew that voice..because im so shocked, I end the call and put it in silent mode..later my hanphone ringing again and not answered it..i just ignored it..and my handphone again ringing but it was not call but sms!..i opened it and read it and ignored it..i do that because I really angry with that person!that person makes me like a fool..argh!there lost my appetite to watch this movie..hmmm…that person friend sent me a sms and said that..that person is at Singapore now..i really don’t know what that person doing there..???!!!!..huh…whatever lah..

To that person  I just want u to know that..
Be happy and have a nice day..~~~ (^_^)…and thanks for everything..i really appreciate..

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