Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Yeah!!! so happy today..for about 6 months im not do I make!love it..
Guess it??
Ahaha.^_^ driving back!..after 6 months im not driving after I enter the im back..FAR is back!..i got sem break..2 weeks holiday..i don’t know y I want drive car..before this I really don’t want too..but today I want..
So I take my mother car..a van ,ESTIMA from Japan..big car actually..first time yeah its scared me a lot! So I started the engine..warming up the engine..i don’t have to play with gear!so so so relieve..then I arranged my sit..side…??!!! omg I forget which one is break and  ‘minyak’(I forget this one in English..hehe) it at left or right???its confusing me..oh dear..i called my brother..he showed me..oh..hehe..i reverse the car..n the car moved backward..opps!i forgot to let go the handbreak! careless! im driving around the!.hehe..tomorrow I want driving again and again…^o^!!!

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  1. dont forget to bring us around the world, we want u drive the car... hehe :)


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