Thursday, January 6, 2011


Hye.. PV 12,Setapak, KL..A12 – 13A!

This unit consist 10 student..with 3 rooms and 2 bathrooms…10 students various of course..5 housemate taking nursing, I, tourism, 2 culinary arts and I taking graphic design..
10 students = 10 head!
Im the leader of this unit..its a huge responsibility actually..
They are  

1)  FARHANAH( its me).. far
2) HIDAYAH..   dayah
3) SITI FATIMAH..  emma
4)        MASLINA..  mas
5) AJ..    aj
6)LISA..  lisa
7) KAK DILA..  k.dila
8) KAK LINDA..  k.linda
9)KAK WAWA..  k.wawa..

U all must be wondering..whose missing??
Its must be 10 housemate..but why only have  9 housemate ??
Actually she was not stayed here anymore..she was at her hometown.. she quit from her studies..its really sad u know..just imagined  before this we were really happy..hmm..its must go do we..hehe..

May I introduce u all  my housemate??of course u can..
1st at introduce u the leader of this house..
Its me..FAR….my assistant is DAYAH..and this is our picture..!!! (^U^)…weeeeee~~~~ our talkative housemate..hehe..she really happy-go-lucky..and manja manja girl..MAS is her name..
EMMA is our next housemate..what can I say about her is..she really likes watch Korean me too!!..and obesse with cute guys especially from korea…!..
AJ..simple right??
Yes she is..she really simple girl..she from Sabah!..
This is their picture..

Next is..our sister..!.hehe..first is KAK DILLA..she is the oldest in this house..not too old actually..she from Sabah too..likes AJ..she is happy go-lucky person..she is my roommate ..well she is the best sister in the world!!
KAK LINDA..yeah this girl..uh!!
She really little bit crazy..wakakakaaa..
She from Terengganu..she is second last oldest in this house..She really admired Michael Jackson..a lot u know..and she can dance just like MJ..she is the most happy in this house!.i really enjoy with her..
Next is KAK WAWA..she is the last oldest ..huhu..
And she from Sabah too..
She is beauty girl..she is nice person..
And our last housemate is LISA..
Lisa is a nice and simple girl..that what im see from her..
Lets check-out their pic…!

And last but not least was my ex-housemate..
JANNAH..she from Penang..
She really a good friend actually..
But when she gone..we all miss her so  much!

Goodluck pal..hope u get what u searching for..god bless u..

UH! we all wondering who will be our next housemate???
Is she good or bad person???
Oh no!
We all hope that she will be like Jannah..hehe..
So housemate..lets pray..and see who going to be our new MAS & K.LINDA..stop dreaming to be a bully!!.ahaha..

Kay folks..thats it..i’’ll introduce u all our new housemate..just wait kay.. (^U^)..adios..!!

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