Sunday, October 30, 2011

29..hanyalah sebuah kenangan..


ada apa dengn num 29? lah tarikh si dia lamar far jd teman wanita dia..far ngt lagi ayt dia ckp sama far..oppsss..sms actually bkn ckp!..
sms yg berbunyi..'agk2 kau thn ta jd wife aku?' ayt dia..far pun bls syurga dibwh tapak suami..strusnya kami pun declare jd couple..

that was before is future..
im single now..yup!..100% single..but not the things that im proud of actually..its hard to forget him..yeay..suddnly he wants broke up with me through a song kisah hati by alyah..nonsense right?..yes it was..supposed have to meet for discussed this important thing  but he just sent me!..wht a man!..after that suffered! it is 1 week and 3 days i have been single..evn my heart is not fully recover but im trying to..i must to..i had to.. must go it?..i think i don't want involve in any love story la..sakit sangt tau bila amik pengajaran! miss single and sexy!..

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